Forms may be completed by the representative of the City, applicant/licensee/operator, or an authorized representative. Completed forms must be submitted electronically to and a copy needs to be shared with the other party.  

Any information submitted before the Tribunal forms part of the Tribunal record and is subject to public disclosure. 

To appeal a decision to refuse an application for a licence, the applicant must complete the Form 1 – Notice of Appeal and submit the form and any supporting documents by email to within the legislative timelines set out in the City of Toronto Municipal Code 575. 

Where the City at any time, wishes to refer a licence application or a licence to the Tribunal with a recommendation that the licence be refused, revoked, suspended or continued with conditions, and where the referral includes the reasons for that recommendation, the City must complete the Form 2 – Notice of Referral. The form and any supporting documents must be submitted by email to and a copy provided to the applicant or operator, at the time of referral.

Adjournment requests by the City or the applicant shall be made as soon as possible by completing and submitting Form 3 – Request for Adjournment by email to A copy needs to be provided to the other party, at the time of the request.

Where the City or the applicant intends to bring a motion before the Tribunal, they shall provide notice of the motion by completing and submitting the Form 4 – Notice of Motion by email to A copy needs to be provided to the other party at least 10 days in advance of the motion hearing date or as soon as practical. 

Note: If you want your motion to be heard on a different day from your scheduled hearing, please email the Tribunal office first. In your email, quickly explain what your motion is about. This helps us pick the right day and way to hear your motion. After we give you the details and next steps, you can go ahead and fill out the Notice of Motion and give it to the other party. If your motion is supposed to be heard at the beginning of your scheduled hearing, follow the steps above.

If the City or the applicant opposes or otherwise wishes to make submissions on a motion, they need to complete and submit the  Form 5 – Notice of Response to Motion by email to and provide a copy to the other party no later than two business days prior to the date set for hearing the motion.

If you are an applicant whose licence application or licence has been referred to the Tribunal, and you wish to provide updated contact, accessibility, or authorized representative information, complete and submit the Form 6 – Applicant-Operator Information by email to Provide a copy to the other party as soon as possible.

Note: If all your information is noted correctly in a Form 1 – Notice of Appeal or Form 2 – Notice of Referral, you do not need to submit a Form 6.

A party who wishes to summon a witness shall make a request by completing a Form 7 – Request to Summons to the Tribunal setting out the reasons why the witness’s attendance is sought. Email the completed form to and provide a copy to the other party.