Adjudicative boards are quasi-judicial tribunals, committees and other bodies which operate independently from the City and hold hearings to resolve disputes, regulate activities, adjudicate on matters and determine legal rights and benefits. These boards make final and binding decisions with some exceptions, for example, the Committee of Adjustment.

The City’s adjudicative boards are established by City Council under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and other legislation such as the Planning Act and Municipal Elections Act, 1996. These boards operate under the rules set out in the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, 1990.

Program support for the administration of adjudicative boards and their administrative costs are included in operating budgets of various City divisions.

Adjudicative Board Description
Administrative Penalty Tribunal Reviews administrative penalties (e.g. City parking, licensing, and traffic bylaws) assessed to individuals by the City.
Committee of Adjustment Decides on applications for minor variances to City zoning by-laws and the severance of land into separate parcels.
Committee of Revision Hears objections before the City imposes local improvement charges and special assessments.
Compliance Audit Committee Makes decisions on applications for compliance audits of campaign finances for municipal election or by-election candidates and registered third party advertisers.
Dangerous Dog Review Tribunal Hears appeals from dog owners served with a Dangerous Dog Order to either confirm the order or rescind it.
Property Standards Committee Hears appeals to orders for violations of municipal bylaws and occupancy standards for residential, multi-residential and commercial properties.
Rooming House Licensing Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner Consider applications for licences for rooming houses in the former City of Toronto.
Sign Variance Committee Makes decisions on applications for third party sign variances and appeals of first party sign variance decisions of the Chief Building Official.
Toronto Licensing Tribunal Hears matters about municipal licences issued by the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division to decide whether a licence should be issued, refused, suspended, revoked or have conditions placed upon it.
Toronto Local Appeal Body Hears appeals of Committee of Adjustment decisions for local planning matters such as minor zoning variances and land severances.