The Toronto Licensing Tribunal hears matters relating to a wide variety of licenses issued by Municipal Licensing and Standards Division (MLS) including for example, licenses for taxis, restaurants, limousines, tow trucks and building contractors.

The Tribunal holds hearings to consider whether a license should be issued, refused, suspended, revoked or have conditions placed upon it. In making a decision, the Tribunal has to balance the protection of the public interest with the licensee’s need to make a living.

The Tribunal operates independently from the licensing and enforcement functions performed by MLS staff. Court Services Division provides the operating budget and meeting management support for the Tribunal.


The Toronto Licensing Tribunal’s mandate, reporting and other requirements are set out in Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 545, Licensing. The Tribunal is also governed by Chapter 546, Licensing of Vehicles for Hire and a City Council-approved Relationship Framework, which outlines the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in the licensing hearing process.

The Tribunal operates with the rules set out in the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, 1990.

The Toronto Licensing Tribunal consists of seven public members appointed by City Council through the City’s Public Appointments process. The members are organized into two hearing Panels of three members each on a rotating basis. City Council appoints the Tribunal’s Chair from among its members.

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