The Administrative Penalty Tribunal provides an independent review of administrative penalties (e.g., City parking, licensing, and traffic bylaws, etc.) assessed to individuals by the City of Toronto.

Individuals who have disputed an administrative penalty (e.g. parking violation) with a Screening Officer and are unsatisfied with the decision, may request a review of that decision before the Tribunal. A Tribunal Hearing Officer will review the decision of the Screening Officer and has the authority to confirm, modify or cancel the administrative penalty.

Court Services Division provides administrative support to the Tribunal.


The Tribunal is established under the City of Toronto Act, 2006, which outlines the power and authority of the Tribunal. The Tribunal also obtains its jurisdiction from Ontario Regulation 611/06 and Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 610, Administration of Penalties.

The Tribunal operates with the rules set out in the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, 1990 and its Rules of Procedure.

The Tribunal consists of 25 public members appointed by City Council through the City’s Public Appointments process who serve as the Tribunal’s Hearing Officers. City Council appoints the Tribunal’s Chair from among its members.

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