Heritage Toronto is a City agency that promotes public awareness, understanding and appreciation of Toronto’s cultural, architectural, archaeological and natural heritage.

Heritage Toronto provides advice from a community perspective to the City, civic organizations and the public about heritage issues. It interprets, supports and acts as an advocate for the protection of Toronto’s heritage assets.

Working with the private sector, community organizations, and volunteers across the city, Heritage Toronto delivers city-wide heritage promotion and education services. Key activities include:

  • Volunteer-led heritage walking, bus and cycling tours
  • Plaques and markers program to commemorate buildings and events
  • Annual Heritage Toronto Awards and Kilbourn lecture
  • Heritage lectures and educational programs

View the City’s Budget for Heritage Toronto for detailed budget information on service activities.

Read Heritage Toronto’s State of Heritage Report 2019 to learn about the current state of heritage in Toronto.


Heritage Toronto was established in 1960 by the former Toronto City Council as the Toronto Historical Board. In 1999, City Council changed the name of the Toronto Historical Board to Heritage Toronto which is continued as a City agency under the City of Toronto Act, 2006.

Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 103, Heritage sets out Heritage Toronto’s mandate and the composition and responsibilities of its Board of Directors, which supervises the management of Heritage Toronto’s business and affairs. A Council-approved Relationship Framework further defines the relationship between the City and Heritage Toronto and sets out Council’s delegation of authority, expectations and requirements.

The Heritage Toronto Board consists of 23 members appointed by City Council. The Board comprises 21 public members including one member from the Aboriginal community appointed through the City’s Public Appointments process, one City Council member, and the Mayor or Council member-designate. The Board elects the Chair and Vice-Chair from among its members.

Find out about opportunities to serve on the Heritage Toronto Board and its current membership.

Key Council Decisions

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