The Toronto Board of Health, supported by Toronto Public Health (TPH), determines and sets public health policy on a broad range of health issues and services in the areas of health assessment, health protection, disease prevention and health promotion.

The Board of Health:

  • Ensures public health programs and services in Toronto are delivered according to provincial standards and in response to local needs
  • Works with TPH staff to develop strategic plans, goals and policies for TPH
  • Advises City Council on a broad range of health issues
  • Recommends the annual capital and operating budgets to City Council

Toronto Public Health

Toronto Public Health reports to the Board of Health. TPH promotes the health of Toronto residents through the delivery of health services and programs and the development and implementation of public policy and practices.

TPH delivers services that meet community health needs, comply with Ontario Public Health Standards, support the reduction of inequalities and improve the health outcomes of the City’s population. TPH’s key service areas are Chronic Diseases and Injuries, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Health, Family Health, Infectious Diseases and Public Health Foundations.

Visit the City’s Budget for detailed information about Toronto Public Health’s budget and service activities.


The Board of Health is established under and governed by the Health Protection and Promotion Act, which sets out the mandate for municipal Boards of Health in Ontario. It operates with the rules set out in Board of Health Procedure By-Law.

The Board of Health is a local board of the City under the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and City Council determines its size in accordance with the Health Protection and Promotion Act.

The Board consists of 13 members appointed by City Council and comprises six public members and one education representative appointed through the City’s Public Appointments process and six City Council members. The Board elects the Chair and Vice-Chair from among its members.

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Key Council Decisions

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