Toronto Zoo (officially the Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo) is a City agency that operates, manages, and maintains the City of Toronto’s Zoo. The Toronto Zoo is the largest in Canada, home to over 5,000 animals representing 500 species on more than 700 acres of land next to Canada’s Rouge National Urban Park.

Toronto Zoo’s mission is to provide a living centre for education and science, committed to providing compelling guest experiences and inspiring passion to protect wildlife and habitats.

Toronto Zoo’s key service activities include:

  • Operation and maintenance of the Zoo’s seven bioregion displays and more than 10 kilometres of walking trails
  • Operation of the Zoo’s visitor services including gift shops, exhibits, rides and food services and guest services (e.g. wheelchairs, family centre, and lost and found)
  • Fundraising to support species conservation and diversity programs and capital projects to revitalize the Zoo’s habitat facilities
  • Conservation and science initiatives (e.g. captive breeding and reintroduction programs, habitat and specific research and reproductive research) to support species conservation and help protect an endangered species and prevent animal extinction
  • Education and outreach programs (e.g. conservation education programs, school programs, Zoo camp) that support the Zoo’s mission and efforts to save wildlife and care for the world’s natural heritage

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The Board of Management of the Toronto Zoo was established in 1977 and is continued as a City agency under the City of Toronto Act, 2006 for the purposes of operating, managing and maintaining the Toronto Zoo.

The Board of Management oversees the strategic and operational management of the Toronto Zoo. Among its key responsibilities, the Board provides direction to Zoo management on matters such as strategic policy, financial planning, effective program delivery and compliance with applicable legislation and City Council directives.

Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 329, Toronto Zoo sets out the Toronto Zoo Board’s composition which consists of 11 members appointed by City Council. It comprises eight public members appointed through the City’s Public Appointments process and three City Council members, one of whom is the Mayor or Council member-designate. City Council appoints the Board’s Chair and the Board elects a Vice-Chair from among its members.

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Key Council Decisions

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