The Sign Variance Committee makes decisions on applications for variances from Municipal Code Chapter 694, Signs, General, (Chapter 694) concerning third party signs. The Committee also hears appeals of decisions of the Chief Building Official (CBO) on variance applications for first party signs. Chapter 694 delegates the authority concerning first party sign variances to the CBO. It also delegates the authority to the Committee for third party sign variances, and to make decisions concerning appeals of the CBO’s decisions concerning first party sign variance applications. The Committee is governed by Chapter 694, and conducts itself in accordance with a Procedures By-law.

Follow this link for information on the Board governance structure for the Sign Variance Committee.

2014 Service Overview

In 2014, the Sign Variance Committee considered 14 applications for variances to the City’s Sign By-Law.

2014 Operating Budget

The Operating Budget for the Sign Variance Committee is provided through Toronto Building. Meeting management support is provided for by the City Clerk’s Office.