Casa Loma is a City-owned tourism and event facility that includes a historic main house and grounds, stable, hunting lodge and other buildings. It is a well-known historical landmark and popular tourist attraction in Toronto.

Casa Loma Corporation was established by City Council in 2011 to manage the day-to-day operations of Casa Loma and ensure operations were stabilized so a future direction for Casa Loma could be established effectively by the City.

In 2013, the City entered into a 20-year lease agreement with Liberty Entertainment Group to operate the Casa Loma main house and grounds as a heritage attraction and special events venue. Casa Loma Corporation provides oversight of the lease agreement while the Economic Development and Culture Division is responsible for capital upgrades.

Read about Casa Loma Corporation’s recent activities in its latest Annual Report.


In 2011, City Council approved the establishment of the Casa Loma Corporation under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and Ontario Regulation 609/06. The Corporation is incorporated under the Business Corporations Act with the City of Toronto as its sole shareholder.

The Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors that supervises the management of the Corporation’s business and affairs. A Council-approved Shareholder Declaration (see Attachment 2) sets out the responsibilities of the Corporation and its Board.

The Casa Loma Board consists of five members and comprises senior City staff and the CEO of Exhibition Place who serve by virtue of their positions. The General Manager of Economic Development and Culture or designate is the Chair of the Board.

Key Council Decisions

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Casa Loma Board Meeting

September 18, 2023


  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes from May 17, 2023, Meeting
  3. Approval of Casa Loma Corporation 2023 Budget
  4. New Business: Update on North Campus Negotiations (In-Camera)
  5. Motion to Adjourn


  • Patrick Tobin – Chair, General Manager, Economic Development & Culture (City of Toronto)
  • Josie Scioli – Deputy City Manager, Corporate Services (City of Toronto)
  • Andrew Flynn – Controller (City of Toronto)
  • Cheryl Blackman – Director, Museums & Heritage Services (City of Toronto)
  • Don Boyle – Chief Executive Officer (Exhibition Place)