Toronto Seniors Housing Corporation (TSHC) will provide subsidized rental housing in a state of good repair for approximately 14,000 low and moderate-income senior households in 83 senior-designated buildings, and support ageing in place through the delivery of an integrated service model.


TSHC is incorporated under the Ontario Business Corporations Act, with the City of Toronto as its sole shareholder.

A Council-approved Shareholder Direction  sets out the TSHC’s operating principles, mandate, the relationship between the TSHC and the City, and other governance matters. TSHC’s operations will be funded in part through the City’s Shelter, Support and Housing Administration Division acting as Service Manager under the Housing Services Act, 2011.

TSHC’s Board of Directors consists of nine members appointed by City Council including the Mayor or Council member designate appointed by the Mayor, one Council member from the Planning and Housing Committee or the Board of Health and seven public members, two of whom are tenants. City Council will appoint one of the public members to serve as Chair.

Find out about opportunities to serve on the TSHC Board and its current membership.

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • Tuesday, September 28, 2021
  • Wednesday, October 27, 2021
  • Tuesday, November 23, 2021
  • Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Past Board Meetings

Please note that as August 11, 2021 was the second organizational meeting of the Board, opportunities to depute were not provided at this meeting.

Please note that as June 30, 2021 was the first organizational meeting of the Board, opportunities to depute were not provided at this meeting. 


Any member of the public may ask to make a deputation at a Board meeting.

A deputation is the way people can tell the Board what they think about a report that is being discussed at a Board meeting.

Deputations can be spoken or in writing. Deputations need to be about items that are on meeting agenda. A person who gives a deputation is referred to as a deputant. 

The deadline to register to speak at a meeting or to submit a written deputation is 12pm the day prior to the Board of Directors meeting.

The TSHC Board of Directors approved the TSHC Board’s Interim Deputation Policy on August 11, 2021.

Speaking to the Board

Contact Rajni Vaidyaraj by phone (416) 729-5000 or by email to register to speak at the meeting in real time via telephone. You need to provide name, phone number, and agenda item(s) you want to speak about.

Written submissions

Submit something in writing to Rajni Vaidyaraj by email at You need to provide the agenda item(s) that you are writing about. Your writing will be sent to the Board.

Deputation Tips

A typical deputation follows the format:

  1. Thank the Chair and the Board
  2. Introduce yourself and why you are speaking.
  3. Explain your concerns and how they affect you and your community.
  4. Thank the Chair and the Board, and remind them that you will be paying attention to how they vote on this item.

The Chair will usually give 5 minutes for speaking to make sure that everyone who wants to has the chance to speak.

Key Council Decisions