City Council

City Council has direct responsibility for oversight of the City’s services and indirect oversight for services delivered through agencies and corporations. City Council supports relationships with agencies and corporations in a number of ways:

  • May establish and modify mandates and governance structures of its agencies and corporations. Some limitations apply for Police, Library and Board of Health that are required by legislation
  • Establishes policy and reporting requirements for agencies and corporations
  • Approves budgets for City agencies
  • Appoints public members and Council members to agency and corporation boards including setting the term of office and remuneration for board members
  • Approves Relationship Frameworks with City agencies and Shareholder Directions to City corporations

City Manager’s Office

The City Manager is responsible for certain governance issues regarding City agencies and corporations.

The Strategic and Corporate Policy (S&CP) Division in the City Manager’s Office (CMO) provides advice and support on organizational objectives, laws and other requirements that apply to agencies and corporations.

S&CP staff:

  • Provide strategic advice on governance issues (e.g. bylaws, board structures, relationship frameworks and shareholder directions)
  • Advise on accountability mechanisms such as policy and reporting requirements
  • Support policy development and the implementation of Council directives
  • Act as a liaison between the CMO and agency and corporation boards and senior management on governance matters to provide governance oversight, strengthen capacity and facilitate corporate support for agencies and corporations

Corporate Support

Staff across various City divisions provide the City’s agencies and corporations with expert advice and other support, as needed. A couple of examples include:

  • The City Clerk’s Office manages board appointments for all agencies and corporations and provides secretariat support for some City agencies
  • Financial Planning Division staff provide advice on financial matters and operating and capital budget support to agency staff