Records held by municipal governments are regulated by the provincial Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and the City of Toronto Act. MFIPPA states that, in general, the public has a right to see most of these records, and to get copies of them (fees for photocopying may apply). There are specific exemptions to general access to records, especially regarding personal information.

Records are made available in numerous ways:

  • Routine disclosure: Divisions and program areas automatically make information available to the public when it is requested, and by publishing it online or in a printed form such as brochures and reports.
  • Formal request: When a Division or program area denies a request for information, a formal Freedom of Information request can be made through the City Clerk’s Office, Access and Privacy Unit.
  • By appeal: If a Freedom of Information (FOI) request is denied by the City, the decision can be appealed to the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.

A record is information recorded or stored in any manner, including print, film, digital or otherwise. The content may include reports, forms, financial statements, minutes, correspondence, email, maps, photographs and more.


Photocopying charges should be applied at a cost of $0.50 per page. If amount is under $10.00, no fee is collected.

See the Request to View File form.


  • Enhance transparency by routinely disclosing information about planning applications
  • Provide better service to the public by providing access to information without going through a formal FOI process
  • Be more cost effective to the City than FOI
  • Improve compliance with the principles of MFIPPA


This Routine Disclosure Plan applies to planning applications as well as meetings held by the Design Review Panel. The types of planning applications include Official Plan Amendments, Zoning Amendments, Subdivision, Part Lot Control Exemption, Site Plan Control approval, Condominium, Committee of Adjustment Consents and Minor Variances.

This Routine Disclosure Plan generally applies to planning application files applied for since 2008, except for files that are under review by the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB). Requests for information from planning application files prior to 2008 or at the OMB should be made through a formal FOI request. Please see Making a Formal FOI Request below.

This Routine Disclosure Plan does not apply to other types of planning files, including transportation studies, policy studies, avenue studies, research files, and pre-application files. For the release of information from these types of files, the requester may need to file a formal FOI request. Please contact the respective Planning Manager for further direction on these types of Planning Files.