Toronto is one of the most livable and competitive cities in the world as demonstrated by various international rankings and reports. In addition to securing its position on the world stage, Toronto’s rankings confirm that it continues to offer a high quality of life for 2.9 million residents who choose to live and work here.

Toronto’s Ranking # of Cities Report Description
2019 National Geographic Traveler Magazine Toronto is among the 28 must-see destinations.

Toronto’s Ranking # of Cities Report Description
16 231 Mercer’s 2018 Quality of Living Survey Toronto ranks 16th in the 2018 Mercer Quality of Living survey.
5 110 Nestpick’s 2018 Millennial Cities Ranking Toronto ranks 5th of 110 cities for the best location for millennials to live in.
13 101 QS Quacquarelli Symonds’ Best Student Cities 2018 Index Toronto ranks 13th for best university cities for international students.
9 30 JLL City Momentum Index for Future Proofing Toronto ranks 9th of 30 in JLL City Momentum Index for Future Proofing
109 209 Mercer’s 24th annual Cost of Living Survey Toronto ranks 109th most expensive city to live for expatriates
136 300 Brookings Global Metro Monitor Toronto ranks 136th of 300 in Brookings Global Metro Monitor
8 165 2018 Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) Toronto ranks 8th of 165 in 2018 Cities in Motion Index (CIMI)
4 50 CBRE Research 2018 Scoring Tech Talent (North America Only) CBRE Research’s 2018 Scoring Tech Talent ranked Toronto 4th of top 50 tech talent markets
7 140 2018 Most Livable Cities Toronto ranked 7th (tied with Tokyo) of 140 cities in the 2018 Economist’s Livability Survey.

Toronto’s Ranking # of Cities Report Description
4 140 Most Livable Cities Since 2011, Toronto has placed 4th on the Economist’s Livability Survey.
4 13 Global Fintech Centres of the Future Toronto is one of the top financial centres of the world.
8 16 Treepedia Toronto is one of the greenest cities in the world.
9 85 Business Insider: Most High Tech Cities Toronto ranked in the top 10 most high tech cities in the world.
10 100 World’s Best City Brands Toronto has one of the world’s best city brands.
16 28 World’s Top Cities for Start-Ups Toronto-Waterloo corridor ranked as one of the best start-up ecosystems in the world.
16 230 Quality of Living City Rankings Toronto is one of the best cities to live.
4 60 Safe Cities Index Toronto ranked 4th of 60 cities in a new urban safety report by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
20 100 Smart Cities Index Toronto ranked 20th of 100, this index explores cities that are most prepared for the digital future.

Toronto’s Ranking # of Cities Report Description
1 111 KPMG Focus on Tax Toronto is the most tax competitive city for businesses.
3 30 PwC Cities of Opportunity 7 Toronto moves up to third place in PwC’s Cities of Opportunity 7.
3 10 Expert Market: World’s Best Tech Hubs Toronto is the third best tech hub to live and work in.
4 140 Economist Intelligence Unit – Livability Survey Toronto ranks as one of the top 5 most livable cities in the world.
4 29 KPMG Competitive Alternatives Toronto ranks fourth in the world in terms of global competitiveness
6 25 Dell Women Entrepreneurs Cities Index Toronto ranks sixth in terms of its ability to attract and foster the growth of women-owned firms.
10 86 Global Financial Centres Index 19 Toronto is one of the world’s Top Ten Influential Financial Centres.
15 230 Mercer Quality of Living Survey Toronto ranks fifteenth in the 2016 Mercer Quality of Living survey
143 209 Mercer Cost of Living Survey Toronto is the 143rd most expensive major city to live in.

Toronto’s Ranking # of Cities Report Description
1 50 The Economist’s Best Place to Live  Toronto was named the best place to live in the world by The Economist based on 6 of its indexes.
1 10 The World’s Most Livable Cities  Toronto is the most livable city in the world according to Metropolis, an architecture and design publication.
1 28 PwC’s Building Better Cities  Toronto tops PwC’s list of best cities in Asia-Pacific to live and do business.
1 35 Youth Economic Strategy Index  Toronto is the best economy for young people according to a study done by The Economist Intelligence Unit and Citi Foundation.
5 24 Scorecard on Prosperity   Toronto fell from 3rd to 5th place in the annual Toronto Board of Trade’s Scorecard on Prosperity.
8 84 Global Financial Centres Index 18  Toronto rose to the top 10 of the world’s most influential financial centres.
8 50 Safe Cities Index  Toronto ranked 8th of 50 cities in a new urban safety report by The Economist Intelligence Unit.
12 50 Sustainable Cities Index  Toronto ranks 12th, the highest North American city, in the Sustainable Cities Index.
13 75 QS Best Student Cities  Toronto ties with Boston and Vancouver on the Best Student Cities ranking by Quacquarelli Symonds.
19 400 Times Higher Education World University Ranking Toronto is home to one of the world’s top universities – the University of Toronto.
20+ 164 How Global is the Business of Retail?  Toronto named “Hottest Retail Market in the Americas.”

Toronto’s  Ranking # of Cities Report Description
1 51 Focus on Tax KPMG ranks Toronto as world’s most tax competitive major city
1 50 Resilient Cities Toronto was ranked the world’s most resilient city by the Grosvenor Group.
1 25 Youthful Cities Toronto voted most youthful city by young adults aged 15-29.
1 Intelligent Community Forum Toronto was named the world’s top intelligent community of 2014.
3 24 Scorecard on Prosperity Toronto region ranks 3rd, up from 6th place in 2013’s scorecard.
3 70 Transit Score Toronto ranks 3rd of 70 cities in North America based on walkability.
4 140 Liveability Rankings Toronto ranks in the top 10 most liveable cities according to the Economist Intelligence Unit.
4 30 Cities of Opportunity Toronto receives high ranking in 6th annual Cities of Opportunity by PwC.
5 48 Competitive Alternative Study Toronto ranked 5th in world and 3rd in North America as the world’s most competitive city.
8 189 Global Talent Survey Boston Consulting Group ranks Toronto 8th most popular destination for job-seekers.
9 50 QS Best Student Cities Toronto in top 10 Best Student Cities.
10 58 World’s Most Influential Cities Forbes Magazine ranks Toronto 10th most influential city.
14 83 Global Financial Centres Index Toronto ranks well as a global financial centre.
15 50 Quality of Living Survey Toronto ranks 15th, for a second year in a row, in Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey.
20 400 Top World Universities Toronto is home to one of the top universities in the world, the University of Toronto.