Toronto ranks 7th of 54 cities according to abillion, a tech company that reviews plant-based products and sustainable living. The study, titled Cities of The Future, evaluated 54 cities based on their readiness for embracing a sustainable future.

The rankings are based on four categories, including plant-based living, policy commitments, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste generated. Toronto received high accolades for its policy efforts toward a sustainable future, particularly its commitment to the Green Bond Program. The Green Debenture Program, a one-of-a-kind initiative, finances capital projects that contribute to environmental sustainability.

The report also mentions Vegandale, which has grown into one of North America’s biggest vegan festivals.


The table below shows the abillion Cities of The Future ranking

Ranking City
1 London
2 Los Angeles
3 Barcelona
4 Melbourne
5 Singapore
6 Johannesburg
7 Toronto
8 New York
9 Berlin
10 Cape Town