Dufferin Grove Park is a central community hub for the neighbourhood.  The City has identified an opportunity to improve the clubhouse and north west corner of the park and are working with the community to create a vision that retains the existing and provides new opportunities for community programs.

The average community recreation centre is almost 40 years old, and the average arena is 50 years old. Many City facilities are reaching the end of their lifespans and are not keeping pace with public needs and expectations. Deteriorating facilities affect user experience, increase repair and operating costs and create risk and liability. By investing in renewing and upgrading facilities like Dufferin Grove, we are proactive in making the most of our existing facilities, by monitoring usage and finding ways to use facilities year-round and for multiple purposes.

Dufferin Grove Park supports a wide range of community programs and an opportunity has been identified to improve the existing facilities to enable new opportunities for future developments and community gathering. This project includes a new addition, alteration, or replacement of the following: a new commercial kitchen/baking area, a multi-purpose room, a refrigeration facility for the outdoor ice rink, public washrooms, a snack bar and a skating rental booth.

Construction is scheduled to begin February 2020 with an estimated completion by December 2021.

  • The community engagement and visioning for this project was conducted between Nov 2016 and May 2017.
  • Following this phase, the procurement for design services took place between May 2017 and September 2018.
  • The design phase, conducted in consultation with the community, started in September 2018 and will continue to September 2019.
    • This includes a feasibility study and functional programming, a schematic and conceptual design and completes with a preferred concept design development.
  • The contract documentation and the construction procurement will be conducted from Sep 2019 to Feb 2020.

Consultation and community engagement is on-going. Opportunities to share your input on the preferred design option can be found on the project website.

The consulting team of DTAH and LURA, along with their team of sub-consultants will provide further information for public engagement and consultation opportunities.