In July 2018, City Council directed staff to advance a set of interdivisional Implementation Strategies based on the plans and assessments completed to inform the recommended Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan. The Implementation Strategies will address the scope, cost, timing, and coordination of the various infrastructure and public realm improvements outlined in the Secondary Plan, the Midtown Parks and Public Realm Plan, Community Services and Facilities Strategies, and the previous Transportation and Municipal Servicing assessments. The Strategies will include update infrastructure needs assessments.

City Council endorsed the Midtown Parks and Public Realm Plan (PPR Plan) in July 2018. The PPR Plan works in tandem with the objectives of the Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan, which sets out a 25-year vision in policies to create complete communities, maintain Midtown’s neighbourhood diversity and integrate land use and infrastructure planning.

The PPR Plan identifies 11 Public Realm Moves to be implemented by setting priorities, incorporating phasing strategies, reviewing available funding and resources, incorporating community needs and input and coordinating timing of major reconstruction of streets and other transportation and servicing upgrades needed to support growth.
The parks implementation strategy is focused on Growing Midtown Parks and Improving Midtown Parks. The strategy will be guided by a set of prioritization criteria for acquisitions and improvements. The criteria will determine near, medium and long term priorities, and will be accompanied by a funding strategy.

City Council endorsed the Midtown Community Services and Facilities Strategy in July 2018. The Strategy identified five strategic directions and 29 associated actions to support anticipated growth through the provision of schools, child cares, libraries, community recreation, human services, and emergency services.

Planning has been working with each sector to monitor progress on the identified actions and actively pursue opportunities through development review and related capital planning processes. Upon completion of the built form study of the in-force Secondary Plan, the Strategy will be reviewed in light of any additional growth potential to identify areas where further directions, modifications or enhancements may be required to support the growth-related community service and facility needs in Midtown.

An implementation strategy for municipal servicing will focus on local area infrastructure and will evaluate the need for infrastructure improvements to respond to the cumulative impact of increased development intensity in the area. This strategy will outline where infrastructure projects may be delivered through development or through City-led capital projects, and will ensure coordination of improvements. Areas of focus will include watermains, sanitary sewers and stormwater sewers.

This work will also inform the application of holding symbols in zoning, where it has been demonstrated that full build-out is dependent on the provision of infrastructure.

An implementation strategy for local transportation improvements will focus on enhancing priority local streets and advancing the Yonge Street Squares Public Realm Move, as identified in the Yonge-Eglinton Secondary Plan. Improvements to local streets may include wider sidewalks and cycling facilities in order to enhance connectivity between community destination such as schools, parks, and community spaces.

Other local transportation improvements, such as new mid-block connections and laneways, will be addressed as part of development review.