Home child care agencies offer early learning and care in approved homes for children ranging in age from infancy to 12 years. While the hours of care available vary from home to home, licensed home child care can often accommodate families who work shifts or who need part-time, weekend or overnight care.

Every Home Child Care Agency in Ontario must be licensed by the Ministry of Education and they are obligated to adhere to government regulations which promote the health, safety and well-being of the children and families enrolled in their program.

Important note: Informal or non-licensed home child care is not subject to government standards and this includes any private arrangement a family makes with an individual home provider outside of a Licensed Home Child Care Agency.

Maximum Number of Children Allowed

  • The Child Care and Early Years Act indicates that a licensed home child care provider can care for a maximum of six children under the age of 13.
  • Providers must count their own children under the age of six years and they can only care for three children under two years of age.

Role of the Provider

Each Licensed Home Child Care Agency works with a group of approved providers who deliver the child care program within their own home. The providers are under contract with the Agency and although providers themselves are not licensed, they are monitored by the Agency to ensure that they are following the government’s rules and regulations and the Agency’s policies and procedures.

Role of the Agency

The Agency provides guidance, resources and professional development to help providers meet the needs of children in their care. This includes enhanced Public Health protocols related to infection prevention and control.

Families who receive care through a Licensed Agency are supported not only by the Home Child Care Provider but also by Home Visitors and a Supervisor.

  • The Agency works with a family to determine their needs and preferences, and helps them select a home child care provider from the Agency’s approved list.
  • The Agency visits the provider’s home at least once every three months and regularly reviews nutrition, activities and health & safety standards.
  • The agency provides ongoing training, resources and support to the Home Child Care Provider.
  • If families have concerns with their care, they can speak to the provider, the Home Visitor or the Supervisor.
Benefit Licensed Unlicensed
Oversight from the Province Yes No
Monthly visits by Agency Staff Yes No
Criminal Reference Check required Yes No
First Aid and CPR Training required Yes No
Support of an Agency Team Yes No

Home Child Care Agencies that have a service agreement with the City are assessed yearly on program quality using the Home Child Care, Assessment for Quality Improvement (HCC-AQI).

The HCC-AQI is based on early childhood research and best practices and clearly outlines expectations, service standards and guidelines for Home Child Care Agencies.

The City of Toronto conducts unannounced visits to a selection of homes every year to assess for program quality using the HCC-AQI.

For details of the current assessment contact qualityassurance@toronto.ca.

Licensed Home Child Care Agencies serving Toronto

Licensed home child care agency Child care fee subsidy
may be available
General service area
All Child Care Solutions
Bonjour Sunshine (Agence Francophone de Garderies en Milieu Familial)
Bright Minds Care
Circles in the Sun
no Steeles south to the lake, Avenue Rd east to the Pickering border
Day Care Connection
yes O’Connor E of Bayview, south to the lake. Parliament east to Victoria Park
Daycare Consulting Services
Etobicoke Home Child Care Agency
yes North and Central Etobicoke
Family Day Care Services
yes Steeles south to the lake, Leslie east to the Pickering border (all of Scarborough)
Heritage Home Child Care Services
yes Victoria Park east to Morningside, Steeles south to the Eglinton
Muppets Private Home (There’s No Place Like Home)
yes Broadview E to Victoria Park, Danforth S to Queen
Network Child Care Services
yes Bathurst west to Jane, Lawrence south to Lakeshore Blvd
RUMO Educational Services
Shanya’s Playhouse Inc​.
The Macaulay Child Development Centre
416-789-7441 x277
yes Steeles south to St. Clair, Humber River east to Yonge
Toronto Home Child Care
yes Most of the City of Toronto except the area between Victoria Park west to the Humber River, St Clair south to the lake
Twinkle Stars Private Home Day Care Services
416-652-1384 x221
yes Sheppard south to St. Clair, Dufferin west to Jane
Wee Watch Etobicoke
no former City of Etobicoke
Wee Watch North York East
no Yonge St east to Victoria Park, Steeles south to Eglinton
Wee Watch North York West
no Yonge St west to the Humber River, Steeles south to Eglinton
Wee Watch Scarborough East
no Steeles south to the lake, Markham Rd east to the Pickering border
Wee Watch Scarborough West
no Steeles south to the lake, Victoria Park east to Markham Rd
Wee Watch Toronto East
no Bayview east to Victoria Park, Lawrence south to the lake
Wee Watch Toronto West
no Bayview west to the Humber River, Lawrence south to the lake
West End Home Child Care Services
yes Jane east to Bathurst, St. Clair south to Lake Shore Blvd and Parliament west to Bayview, Danforth south to Lake Shore Blvd