Quality improvement is a continuous journey and to support the sector in this transitional year we will be offering Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI) refresher learning opportunities


Quality Assurance sealThe Assessment for Quality Improvement (AQI) outlines clear expectations, service standards and guidelines for child care providers who have a service contract with the City. It also serves as a self-evaluation and planning tool for child care operators, and educators.

L’Évaluation aux fins d’amélioration de la qualité (ÉAQ) établit des attentes claires, des normes de service et des lignes directrices pour tous les fournisseurs de services de garde et d’apprentissage de la petite enfance qui ont un contrat de service avec la Ville. L’ÉAQ sert également comme un outil d’auto-évaluation et de planification pour les fournisseurs de services et le personnel.

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As we build on the excellent work the sector is already doing we will support the transition back to the AQI through self-guided refresher modules and age group specific community of practice sessions.

The AQI refresher modules support operators and educators on their continuous journey for quality and pedagogical best practices in their programs and centres. Find out more about the AQI refresher training.