The City of Toronto administers the Rent-Geared-to-Income (RGI) program as per the Housing Services Act, 2011. This section includes the RGI Administration Manual, as well as other relevant information, including updates, clarifications and other changes to legislation.

This manual includes rules and regulations under the Housing Services Act, 2011 (HSA), as well as City of Toronto rules. It also provides details on eligibility, occupancy standards, determinations of household income, calculating RGI rent, making RGI decisions and the Province-Wide Arrears Database. Housing providers/RGI Administrators funded by the City of Toronto for RGI assistance must comply with the rules and procedures in the Manual. Always use the online version as it contains the most recent updates.

To view the manual, you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

RGI Administration Manual

Last updated March 2020

Forms and Templates

Housing providers are responsible for ensuring that all template forms and letters are adapted to include the housing provider’s logo and contact information, and meet the requirements of the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA).

RGI Applicants

Subsidized Housing Application

Market Household Requesting RGI Assistance (in-situ) form (Mandatory)
Instructions for completing Market Household Requesting RGI Assistance form

Alternative Housing or Market Rent Tenant Provider Authorization (Mandatory)

Confirmation of Eligibility for Mandate (Mandatory)

RGI Calculations

Consent and Declaration form for Income and Asset Review (Mandatory)

Income and Asset Review Form and Sample Cover Letter

Income and Asset Review Reminder Notice – Sample Letter

Missing information on Income and Asset Review Form – Sample Letter


Payments or Gifts for Medical Expenses Form (Mandatory)

Household Must Apply for Income – Sample Letter

Notice of Decision – Sample Letter (non-LOE)

Local Occupancy Standards

Over-housed Household Provider Confirmation (Mandatory)

Medical Request for Additional Bedroom (Mandatory)
Overnight Caregiver Verification – with a home care agency (Mandatory)
Overnight Caregiver Verification – not affiliated with a home care agency (Mandatory)

Loss of Eligibility and Suspected Fraud

LOE Certificate of Service Form (Mandatory)
RGI Request for Review Form – LOE (Mandatory) (Word – accessible)
RGI Request for Review Form – LOE (Mandatory) (PDF)
Notice of Decision – Loss of Eligibility for RGI Assistance (Mandatory)

Documentation of Suspected RGI Fraud Form
Click here to upload Suspected RGI Fraud Form and related documentation


Arrears Reporting Instructions