An aesthetic service is a service that is intended to alter appearance.  This may include waxing, facials, tanning and laser hair removal.

  • Dispense the wax or sugar in a way that prevents the remaining wax or sugar from being contaminated.
  • Use a single-use disposable applicator or stick to dispense the wax. After the applicator touches the client it must be thrown in the garbage. Do not use the applicator again to get more wax, even for the same client.
  • Do not “double dip”. Put a small amount of wax into a small container. Use all the wax for one client and throw away the left over wax with the container.
  • Wax rollers that are applied directly on the skin can only be used on one client. Throw away any leftover wax with the cartridge and roller.
  • Wax rollers applied onto a strip of material can be reused on more than one client.
  • Use a single-use, pre-packaged, sterile needle to remove ingrown hairs. Discard needles into an approved sharps container immediately after use. Sharps containers cannot be discarded into regular garbage.
  • If a tweezer is used to remove hair that does not go below the skin it must be cleaned and disinfected between clients. The tweezer must be immersed in a disinfectant, such as 70% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes.
  • If a tweezer is used to remove ingrown hairs and it goes below the skin, it must be cleaned and sterilized between clients. An autoclave must be used to sterilize the tweezer. Pre-packaged, sterile needles are recommended to remove ingrown hairs.
  • Metal applicators can be reused as long as they never touch the client.
  • You can use a metal applicator to apply wax onto a strip of material and then apply the material with the wax onto the client. This way, the metal applicator never touches the client and can be dipped back into the wax.
  • The applicator must be cleaned and then immersed in a disinfectant, such as 70% isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes, at the end of the day.
  • During an invasive facial an operator goes below the skin with an instrument. For example, the operator may use a needle, lancet or comedone extractor.
  • Wash and disinfectant hands before and after using gloves. New disposable gloves must be worn for each client.
  • Use only pre-packaged, sterile and single-use needles. Any other instrument that penetrates the skin, such as a come done extractor or tweezer, must be cleaned and sterilized between clients.
  • Needles should be removed from their packaging in view of the client and discarded immediately into a sharps container. The sharps container cannot be discarded into regular garbage.
  • Never recap needles as this places you at risk for a needle stick injury.
  • Keep client records and accidental exposure records on site for a minimum of one year and on file for a minimum of five years.
  • Keep a record of all sterile and pre-packaged items purchased.
  • Any part of the instrument that comes into contact with the client’s skin must be single-use OR must be cleaned and then disinfected between clients. Follow manufacturer instructions.
  • Razors used for shaving must be pre-packaged, sterile and thrown away immediately after each client.
  • Razors must be thrown out into an approved sharps container. Sharp containers cannot be discarded with regular garbage.
  • Yes. Tanning beds and goggles need to be cleaned and disinfected between clients.
  • Avoid “double dipping” in lotions. Lotions must be dispensed in a way that prevents contaminating the rest of the lotion (e.g. use a pump or single-use wooden stick).

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