P.A.L.S. resources are currently being revised to enhance content related to equity and inclusion, accessibility, mental health promotion, and infection prevention. Updated resources will be posted as they become available.

P.A.L.S. is a student-led peer leadership program in which grade 4-6 students are trained to plan and lead fun and safe activities on the playground during lunch or at recess.

The objectives of the program are to:

  • Provide opportunities for student leadership
  • Increase students’ sense of belonging and inclusion
  • Increase opportunities for physical activity to improve students’ physical literacy

P.A.L.S is adapted and reproduced with permission from Peel Public Health.

How to Start P.A.L.S. At Your School

School Liaison Public Health Nurse can consult with the principal and/or school staff to provide an overview along with resources for program implementation.

Program Requirements

Schools are responsible for:

  • Designating 1-3 school staff to oversee the program as P.A.L.S. Facilitators
  • Recruiting 10+ students in grades 4 to 6 to be P.A.L.S. Leaders
  • Facilitating and/or co-facilitating training for P.A.L.S. Leaders
  • Supplying equipment needed to lead and play the games
  • Overseeing the program launch, promotion and related school events

Leader Training

P.A.L.S. leaders receive training that covers:

  • Safety on the playground
  • Qualities of a leader and leadership styles
  • Communication skills
  • Games training
  • Conflict resolution


P.A.L.S. leaders are taught to lead hopscotch games, skipping, tag and ball games. The leaders often choose to lead games that the students make up or know themselves. More information on games is available online.

Schools can contact a School Liaison Public Health Nurse for more information.