School Liaison Public Health Nurses are able to respond to school service requests on select health topics including mental health and well-being.

For COVID-19 information, we encourage schools to check as new information is posted regularly. Schools and parents/caregivers can also call us at 416-338-7600 for any COVID-19 questions.

School Name Public Health Nurse for 2022/2023 School Year Email Address
Public Health Nurses Assigned for the 2022/2023 School Year
A Y Jackson SS Muna Jama
Adam Beck Jr PS Ethel Emil
Africentric Alternative School Pinsara Widyaratne
Agincourt CI Judy Soong
Agincourt Jr PS Judy Soong
Agnes Macphail PS Natasha Sayani
Albert Campbell CI Natasha Sayani
Albion Heights Jr Md S Cindy Da Costa
Alexander MuirGladstone Ave Jr  Sr PS Madeleine Frimpong
Alexander Stirling PS Josephine Iserhienrhien
Alexmuir Jr PS Judy Soong
All Saints CS Aleksandra Basarab
Allenby Jr PS Maryam Salik
ALPHA Alternative Jr S Madeleine Frimpong
ALPHA II Alternative S Sima Patel
Alternative Scarborough Education ASE 1 Sidratum Miah
Alvin Curling PS Christina Jeong
Amesbury Md S Ayisaa Fordjour
Ancaster PS Ayub Ali
Annette Street Jr  Sr PS Elizabeth Emeru
Annunciation CS Jason Bass-Meldrum
Anson Park PS Sidratum Miah
Anson S Taylor Jr PS Judy Soong
Arbor Glen PS Muna Jama
Armour Heights PS Jasmine Yang
Avondale Elementary Alternative School Esther Persaud
Avondale PS Esther Persaud
Avondale Secondary Alternative School Maryam Salik
Bala Avenue Community S Morris Lowe
Balmy Beach Community S Ethel Emil
Banting and Best PS Natasha Sayani
Baycrest PS Fatma Baykal
Bayview Md S Maryam Salik
Beaches Alternative Junior School Ethel Emil
Beaumonde Heights Jr Md S Iolanda Tsironis
Bedford Park PS Maryam Salik
Bellmere Jr PS Irene Folaranmi
Bendale Jr PS Irene Folaranmi
Bennington Heights E S Sagal Saeed
Berner Trail Jr PS Chintal Shah
Bessborough Drive E  Md S Sagal Saeed
Beverley Heights Md S Lily Cao
Beverley S Vanessa De Ala
Beverly Glen Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Birch Cliff Heights PS Carol Shen
Birch Cliff PS Carol Shen
Birchmount Park CI Ethel Emil
Bishop Allen Academy Catholic SS Diana Vumbaca
Bishop Macdonell CS Madeleine Frimpong
Bishop MarroccoThomas Merton Catholic SS Sarah Aldous
Blacksmith PS Felicia Ogobor
Blake Street Jr PS Ben Nartehyoe
Blantyre PS Carol Shen
Blaydon PS Donna Psaila
Blessed Margherita of Citta Castello CS Tarandeep Narwal
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati CS Christina Jeong
Blessed Sacrament CS Maryam Salik
Blessed Trinity CS Donna Psaila
Bliss Carman Sr PS Donna Diadamo
Bloor CI Sima Patel
Bloordale Md S Diana Vumbaca
Bloorlea Md S Elizabeth Emeru
Blythwood Jr PS Maryam Salik
Bowmore Road Jr  Sr PS Ethel Emil
Braeburn Jr S Theresa Santos
Brebeuf College S Maryam Salik
Brian PS Sandy Choi
Briarcrest Jr S Diana Vumbaca
Bridlewood Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Brimwood Boulevard Jr PS Judy Soong
Broadacres Jr PS Joanne McKinlay
Broadlands PS Chamaine Sackrule Watt
Brock PS Sima Patel
Brookhaven PS Debbie Jones
Brookmill Boulevard Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Brookside PS Christina Jeong
Brookview Md S Felicia Ogobor
Brown Jr PS Jeannie Truong
Bruce PS Stephanie Tat
Buchanan PS Sidratum Miah
Burnhamthorpe CI/ALC Diana Vumbaca
Burrows Hall Jr PS Chintal Shah
C D Farquharson Jr PS Judy Soong
C R Marchant Md S Cary Hui
C W Jefferys CI Yumi Zhao
CALC SS Ben Nartehyoe
Calico PS Roya Chabok
Cameron PS Olga Stankevych
Canadian Martyrs CS Raihan Intwala
Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts – Secondary Kiren Randhawa
Cardinal Leger CS Christina Jeong
Carleton Village Jr  Sr PS Kathleen George
Cassandra PS Chamaine Sackrule Watt
Castlebar Jr S Diana Vumbaca
Cedar Drive Jr PS Paraskevi Varsamidou
Cedarbrae CI Maria Muikila
Cedarbrook PS Maria Muikila
Cedarvale Community S Madeleine Frimpong
Centennial Road Junior PS Christina Jeong
Central Etobicoke High School Edie Cade
Central Technical School Lesley Belows
Central Toronto Academy Sima Patel
Chalkfarm PS Kiren Randhawa
Chaminade College S Karina Milandou
Charles E Webster PS Debbie Jones
Charles G Fraser Jr PS Sima Patel
Charles Gordon Sr PS Michelle D’Ornellas Michelle.D’
Charles H Best Jr  Md S Olga Stankevych
Charlottetown Jr PS Natasha Sayani
Chartland Jr PS Judy Soong
Cherokee PS Katarina Ehler
Chester E S Sagal Saeed
Chester Le Jr PS Katarina Ehler
Chief Dan George PS Silence Lai
Chine Drive PS Carol Shen
Church Street Jr PS Vanessa De Ala
Churchill Heights PS Irene Folaranmi
Churchill PS Ping Xiao
City Adult Learning Centre CALC Raihan Intwala
City School Madeleine Frimpong
City View Alternative School Senior Madeleine Frimpong
Claireville Jr S Cindy Da Costa
Clairlea PS Raihan Intwala
Claude Watson School for the Arts Kiren Randhawa
Cliffside PS Donna Diadamo
Cliffwood PS Muna Jama
Clinton Street Jr PS Sima Patel
Contact Alternative School Lesley Belows
Cordella Jr PS Livina Ngolichukwu
Cornell Jr PS Maria Muikila
Corvette Jr PS Donna Diadamo
Cosburn Md S Raihan Intwala
Cottingham Jr PS Jeannie Truong
Courcelette PS Carol Shen
Crescent Town E S Sandra Davies
Cresthaven PS Muna Jama
Crestview PS TBD
Cummer Valley Md S Maryam Salik
D A Morrison Md S Raihan Intwala
Da Vinci Alternative School Vanessa De Ala
Dallington PS TBD
Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute Raihan Intwala
Danforth Gardens PS Raihan Intwala
Dante Alighieri Academy Krystle Williams
DArcy McGee CS Karina Milandou
David and Mary Thomson CI Michelle D’Ornellas Michelle.D’
David Hornell Jr S Elizabeth Emeru
David Lewis PS Muna Jama
Davisville Jr PS Jeannie Truong
Daystrom PS Roya Chabok
Deer Park Jr  Sr PS Jeannie Truong
Delphi Secondary Alternative School Judy Soong
Delta Senior Alternative School Sima Patel
Denlow PS Jasmine Yang
Dennis Avenue Community S Morris Lowe
Derrydown PS Tarandeep Narwal
Dewson Street Jr PS Sima Patel
Diefenbaker E S Raihan Intwala
Dixon Grove Jr Md S Edie Cade
Don Mills CI Jasmine Yang
Don Mills Md S Jasmine Yang
Don Valley Md S TBD
Donview Md S Jason Bass-Meldrum
Donwood Park PS Michelle D’Ornellas Michelle.D’
Dorset Park PS Alana Malvaso
Dovercourt PS Sima Patel
Downsview PS Ayub Ali
Downsview SS Ayub Ali
Downtown Alternative School Madeleine Frimpong
Downtown Vocal Music Academy of Toronto Vanessa De Ala
Dr Marion Hilliard Sr PS Chintal Shah
Dr Norman Bethune CI Muna Jama
Dr Rita Cox – Kina Minogok Public School Sarah Aldous
Drewry Secondary School Olga Stankevych
Driftwood PS Felicia Ogobor
Dublin Heights E  Md S Olga Stankevych
Duke of Connaught Jr  Sr PS Stephanie Tat
Dundas Jr PS Stephanie Tat
Dunlace PS Jasmine Yang
Earl Beatty Jr  Sr PS Sagal Saeed
Earl Grey Sr PS Stephanie Tat
Earl Haig PS Ethel Emil
Earl Haig SS Esther Persaud
East Alternative School of Toronto Ben Nartehyoe
East York Alternative Secondary School Raihan Intwala
East York CI Raihan Intwala
Eastdale CI Ben Nartehyoe
Eastview PS Cassandra Chum
Eatonville Jr S Joanne McKinlay
Edgewood PS Sidratum Miah
ÉÉ Académie Alexandre Dumas Cherlie Adme
ÉÉ Charles Sauriol Floride Nyirasuku
ÉÉ Félix Leclerc Floride Nyirasuku
ÉÉ Gabrielle Roy Caroline Lebel
ÉÉ Jeanne Lajoie Cherlie Adme
ÉÉ La Mosaïque Caroline Lebel
ÉÉ Laure Rièse Cherlie Adme
ÉÉ Mathieu da Costa Floride Nyirasuku
ÉÉ Micheline Saint Cyr Floride Nyirasuku
ÉÉ Paul Demers Cherlie Adme
ÉÉ Pierre Elliott Trudeau Caroline Lebel
ÉÉC du Bon Berger Caroline Lebel
ÉÉC du Sacré Coeur Toronto Caroline Lebel
ÉÉC Georges Étienne Cartier Caroline Lebel
ÉÉC Notre Dame de Grâce Floride Nyirasuku
ÉÉC Saint Jean de Lalande Cherlie Adme
ÉÉC Saint Michel Cherlie Adme
ÉÉC Saint Noël Chabanel Toronto Floride Nyirasuku
ÉÉC Sainte Madeleine Cherlie Adme
ÉÉC Sainte Marguerite d’Youville Floride Nyirasuku
Eglinton Jr PS Jeannie Truong
Elia Md S Pinsara Widyaratne
Elizabeth Simcoe Jr PS Carol Shen
Elkhorn PS Maryam Salik
EllesmereStatton PS Alana Malvaso
Elmbank Junior Middle Academy Anahita Bindra
Elmlea Jr S Iolanda Tsironis
Emery CI Zoha Sultani
Emery EdVance SS Zoha Sultani
Emily Carr PS Josephine Iserhienrhien
Epiphany of our Lord Catholic Academy Sandy Choi
Equinox Holistic Alternative School Stephanie Tat
Ernest PS Sandy Choi
ES Collège français secondaire Caroline Lebel
ÉS Étienne Brûlé Cherlie Adme
ÉS Toronto Ouest Caroline Lebel
ÉSC Monseigneur de Charbonnel Floride Nyirasuku
ÉSC Père Philippe Lamarche Cherlie Adme
ÉSC Saint Frère André Caroline Lebel
Essex Jr  Sr PS Madeleine Frimpong
Etienne Brule Jr S Diana Vumbaca
Etobicoke CI Wendy Negrazis
Etobicoke School of the Arts Diana Vumbaca
Etobicoke YearRound Alternative Centre Sarah Aldous
F H Miller Jr PS Kathleen George
Fairbank Memorial Community School Kathleen George
Fairbank PS Kathleen George
Fairglen Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Fairmount PS Carol Shen
Father Henry Carr Catholic SS Sheila Singh
Father John Redmond Catholic SS Julia Dearing-Vollett
Father Serra CS Diana Vumbaca
Faywood ArtsBased Curriculum S Olga Stankevych
Fenside PS Jason Bass-Meldrum
Fern Avenue Jr  Sr PS Wendy Negrazis
Finch PS Donna Psaila
Firgrove PS Yumi Zhao
Fisherville Sr PS Olga Stankevych
Fleming PS Natasha Sayani
Flemington PS Fatma Baykal
Forest Hill CI Maryam Salik
Forest Hill Jr  Sr PS Jeannie Truong
Forest Manor PS Muna Jama
Francis Libermann Catholic HS Natasha Sayani
Frank Oke  Haney Centre Wendy Rustrian
Frank Oke Secondary School Wendy Rustrian
Frankland Community School Jr Stephanie Tat
Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy Amanda Costa
Galloway Road PS Angela Anderson
Garden Avenue Jr PS Wendy Negrazis
Gateway PS Nancy Hagshenas
General Brock PS Raihan Intwala
General Crerar PS Angela Anderson
General Mercer Jr PS Kathleen George
George Anderson PS Ayisaa Fordjour
George B Little PS Denise Peart
George P Mackie Jr PS Anita Sarpong
George Peck PS Justin Reyes
George R Gauld Jr S Elizabeth Emeru
George S Henry Academy TBD
George Syme Community S Wendy Rustrian
George Webster E S Sandra Davies
Georges Vanier SS TBD
GivinsShaw Jr PS Vanessa DeAla
Glamorgan Jr PS Denise Peart
Gledhill Jr PS Raihan Intwala
Glen Ames Sr PS Ethel Emil
Glen Park PS Lily Cao
Glen Ravine Jr PS Michelle McLean
Glenview Sr PS Maryam Salik
Golf Road Jr PS Justin Reyes
Gordon A Brown Md S Nasteho Hasan
Gosford PS Felicia Ogobor
Gracedale PS Roya Chabok
Gracefield PS Ayisaa Fordjour
Greenholme Jr Md S Anahita Bindra
Greenland PS Jasmine Yang
Greenwood SS Ben Nartehyoe
Grenoble PS Amanda Costa
Grey Owl Jr PS Josephine Iserhienrhien
Guildwood Jr PS Anita Sarpong
Gulfstream PS Roya Chabok
H A Halbert Jr PS Donna Diadamo
H J Alexander Community S Cary Hui
Harbord CI Sima Patel
Harrison PS Jasmine Yang
Harwood PS Livina Ngolichukwu
Hawthorne IIBilingual Junior Alternative School Madeleine Frimpong
Heather Heights Jr PS Denise Peart
Henry Hudson Sr PS Lynda Thomas
Henry Kelsey Sr PS Judy Soong
Heritage Park PS Christina Jeong
Heydon Park Secondary School Lesley Belows
High Park Alternative Junior School Elizabeth Emeru
Highcastle PS Lynda Thomas
Highfield Jr S Iolanda Tsironis
Highland Creek PS Christina Jeong
Highland Heights Jr PS Latoya McKenzie
Highland Md S Muna Jama
Highview PS Ping Xiao
Hillcrest Community S Jeannie Truong
Hillmount PS Muna Jama
Hilltop Md S Aleksandra Basarab
Hodgson Md S Sagal Saeed
Hollycrest Md S Carole Brammah
Hollywood PS Kiren Randhawa
Holy Angels CS Carole Brammah
Holy Child Catholic CS Sheila Singh
Holy Cross CS Sandra Davies
Holy Family CS Sarah Aldous
Holy Name CS Stephanie Tat
Holy Rosary CS Jeannie Truong
Holy Spirit CS Latoya McKenzie
Horizon Alternative Senior School Vanessa DeAla
Howard Jr PS Wendy Negrazis
Humber Summit Md S Roya Chabok
Humber Valley Village Jr Md S Carole Brammah
Humbercrest PS Wendy Negrazis
Humberside CI Elizabeth Emeru
Humberwood Downs Junior Middle Academy Sheila Singh
Humewood Community S Madeleine Frimpong
Hunters Glen Jr PS Michelle D’Ornellas Michelle.D’
Huron Street Jr PS Karina Milandou
Immaculate Conception CS Ayisaa Fordjour
Immaculate Heart of Mary CS Carol Shen
Indian Road Crescent Jr PS Wendy Negrazis
Inglenook Community School Madeleine Frimpong
Inglewood Heights Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Ionview PS Alana Malvaso
Iroquois Jr PS Judy Soong
Island PublicNatural Science S Madeleine Frimpong
Islington Jr Md S Diana Vumbaca
J B Tyrrell Sr PS Christine Au-Wing
J G Workman PS Raihan Intwala
J R Wilcox Community S Karina Milandou
Jack Miner Sr PS Carol Shen
Jackman Avenue Jr PS Stephanie Tat
James Cardinal McGuigan Catholic HS Pinsara Widyaratne
James Culnan CS Grace Dygas
James S Bell Jr Md S Elizabeth Emeru
Jarvis CI Angelina Dean
Jean Lumb PS Madeleine Frimpong
Jesse Ketchum Jr  Sr PS Karina Milandou
John A Leslie PS Carol Shen
John Buchan Sr PS Latoya McKenzie
John D Parker Jr S Kristina Khatib
John English Jr Md S Elizabeth Emeru
John Fisher Jr PS Jeannie Truong
John G Althouse Md S Carole Brammah
John G Diefenbaker PS Natasha Sayani
John McCrae PS Paraskevi Varsamidou
John Polanyi CI Lily Cao
John Ross Robertson Jr PS Maryam Salik
John Wanless Jr PS Maryam Salik
Joseph Brant Sr PS Michelle McLean
Joseph Howe Sr PS Christina Jeong
Josyf Cardinal Slipyj CS Carole Brammah
Joyce PS Fatma Baykal
Kapapamahchakwew  Wandering Spirit Scho Jr Sr Cassandra Chum
Karen Kain School of the Arts Diana Vumbaca
Keele Street PS Elizabeth Emeru
Keelesdale Jr PS Debbie Jones
Kennedy PS Muna Jama
Kensington Community School S Jr Vanessa De Ala
Kew Beach Jr PS Ethel Emil
Kimberley Jr PS Ethel Emil
King Edward Jr  Sr PS Vanessa De Ala
King George Jr PS Wendy Negrazis
Kingslake PS TBD
Kingsview Village Jr S Krystle Williams
Kipling CI Edie Cade
Knob Hill PS Michelle D’Ornellas Michelle.D’
Lakeshore CI Julia Dearing-Vollett
Lamberton PS Pinsara Widyaratne
Lambton Kingsway Jr Md S Wendy Negrazis
Lambton Park Community S Livina Ngolichukwu
LAmoreaux CI Christine Au-Wing
Lanor Jr Md S Wendy Negrazis
Lawrence Heights Md S Fatma Baykal
Lawrence Park CI Maryam Salik
Leaside HS Sagal Saeed
Ledbury Park E  Md S Jasmine Yang
Lescon PS Muna Jama
Leslieville Jr PS Stephanie Tat
Lester B Pearson CI Chintal Shah
Lester B Pearson E S Jasmine Yang
Lillian PS Maryam Salik
Lord Dufferin Jr  Sr PS Cary Hui Cary
Lord Lansdowne Jr PS Vanessa De Ala
Lord Roberts Jr PS Lynda Thomas
Loretto College S Sima Patel
Lucy Maud Montgomery PS Chintal Shah
Lucy McCormick Sr S Grace Dygas
Lynngate Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Lynnwood Heights Jr PS Latoya McKenzie
Macklin PS Natasha Sayani
Madonna Catholic SS Ayub Ali
Malvern CI Ethel Emil
Malvern Jr PS Josephine Iserhienrhien
Manhattan Park Jr PS Sidratum Miah
Maple Leaf PS Yumi Zhao
Maplewood High School Angela Anderson
Marc Garneau CI Nancy Hagshenas
Market Lane Jr  Sr PS Angelina Dean
Marshall McLuhan Catholic SS Jeannie Truong
Martingrove CI Diana Vumbaca
Mary Shadd PS Chintal Shah
Mary Ward Catholic SS Muna Jama
Maryvale PS Justin Reyes
Mason Road Jr PS Anita Sarpong
Maurice Cody Jr PS Sagal Saeed
McKee PS Donna Psaila
McMurrich Jr PS Karina Milandou
Meadowvale PS Christina Jeong
Melody Village Jr S Anahita Bindra
Michael PowerSt Joseph HS Carole Brammah
Military Trail PS Denise Peart
Mill Valley Jr S Carole Brammah
Milliken PS Natasha Sayani
Millwood Jr S Carole Brammah
Milne Valley Md S Chamaine Sackrule Watt
Monarch Park CI Stephanie Tat
Monsignor Percy Johnson Catholic HS Cindy Da Costa
Montrose Jr PS Sima Patel
Morrish PS Christina Jeong
Morse Street Jr PS Stephanie Tat
Mother Cabrini CS Carole Brammah
Mountview Alternative School S Carole Brammah
Msgr John Corrigan CS Cindy Da Costa
Muirhead PS Sandy Choi
Native Learning Centre Cassandra Chum
Native Learning Centre East Cassandra Chum
Nativity of Our Lord CS Carole Brammah
Neil McNeil HS Carol Shen
Nelson Mandela Park PS Debbie Jones
Newtonbrook SS Olga Stankevych
Niagara Street Jr PS Karina Milandou
Norman Cook Jr PS TBD
Norman Ingram PS Jasmine Yang
Norseman Jr Md S Diana Vumbaca
North Agincourt Jr PS Judy Soong
North Albion CI Kristina Khatib
North Bendale Jr PS Irene Folaranmi
North Bridlewood Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
North East Year Round Alternative Centre TBD
North Kipling Jr Md S Kristina Khatib
North Preparatory Jr PS Maryam Salik
North Toronto CI Jeannie Truong
North West Year Round Alternative Centre Lily Cao
Northern SS Sagal Saeed
Northlea E Md S Sagal Saeed
Northview Heights SS Ping Xiao
Norway Jr PS Ethel Emil
Notre Dame Catholic HS Ethel Emil
Oakdale Park Md S Tarandeep Narwal
Oakridge Jr PS Karen Mahadeo
Oakwood CI Sima Patel
Oasis Alternative Secondary School Madeleine Frimpong
OConnor PS Nasteho Hasan
Ogden Jr PS Vanessa De Ala
Orde Street PS Vanessa De Ala
Oriole Park Jr PS Jeannie Truong
OssingtonOld Orchard Jr PS Sima Patel
Our Lady of Fatima CS Raihan Intwala
Our Lady of Grace CS Natasha Sayani
Our Lady of Guadalupe CS TBD
Our Lady of Lourdes CS Angelina Dean
Our Lady of Peace CS Wendy Negrazis
Our Lady of Perpetual Help CS Jeannie Truong
Our Lady of Sorrows CS Wendy Negrazis
Our Lady of the Assumption CS Lily Cao
Our Lady of Victory CS Morris Lowe
Our Lady of Wisdom CS Sidratum Miah
Owen PS Jasmine Yang
Palmerston Avenue Jr PS Karina Milandou
Pape Avenue Jr PS Stephanie Tat
Park Lane PS Esther Persaud
Park Lawn Jr  Md S Diana Vumbaca
Parkdale CI Sarah Aldous
Parkdale Jr  Sr PS Elizabeth Emeru
Parkfield Jr S Aleksandra Basarab
Parkside E S Raihan Intwala
Parkview Alternative School Donna Diadamo
Pauline Johnson Jr PS Latoya McKenzie
Pauline Jr PS Sima Patel
Pelmo Park PS Zoha Sultani
Percy Williams Jr PS Judy Soong
Perth Avenue Jr PS Vanessa De Ala
Pierre Laporte Md S Amanda De Coteau
Pineway PS Donna Psaila
Pleasant PS Olga Stankevych
Pleasant View Md S Sandy Choi
Pope Francis CS Sima Patel
Poplar Road Jr PS Anita Sarpong
Port Royal PS Natasha Sayani
Portage Trail Community S Morris Lowe
Precious Blood CS Justin Reyes
Presteign Heights E S Nasteho Hasan
Prince of Peace CS Silence Lai
Princess Margaret Jr S Diana Vumbaca
Queen Alexandra Md S Stephanie Tat
Quest Alternative Senior School Stephanie Tat
R H King Academy Sidratum Miah
R H McGregor E S Sagal Saeed
R J Lang E  Md S Olga Stankevych
Rockcliffe Middle School Wendy Rustrian
Ranchdale PS Chamaine Sackrule Watt
Rawlinson Community S Karina Milandou
Regal Road Jr PS Sima Patel
Regent Heights PS Raihan Intwala
Regina Mundi CS Olga Stankevych
Rene Gordon Health and Wellness Academy Chamaine Sackrule Watt
Richview CI Carole Brammah
Rippleton PS Jasmine Yang
Rivercrest Jr S Diana Vumbaca
Riverdale CI Cassandra Chum
Robert Service Sr PS Alana Malvaso
Rockford PS Lily Cao
Roden PS Stephanie Tat
Rolph Road E S Sagal Saeed
Rose Avenue Jr PS Angelina Dean
Rosedale Heights School of the Arts Madeleine Frimpong
Rosedale Jr PS Jeannie Truong
Roselands Jr PS Wendy Rustrian
Rosethorn Jr S Carole Brammah
Rouge Valley PS Natasha Sayani
Roywood PS TBD
Runnymede CI Grace Dygas
Runnymede Jr  Sr PS Elizabeth Emeru
Ryerson Community School Jr Sr Vanessa De Ala
Sacred Heart CS TBD
Samuel Hearne PS Karen Mahadeo
Santa Maria CS Livina Ngolichukwu
SATEC  W A Porter CI Raihan Intwala
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (SCAS) Paraskevi Varsamidou
Scarborough Centre for Alternative Studies (SCAS) – Adult Sidratum Miah
Scarborough Village PS Paraskevi Varsamidou
School of Experiential Education SEE Krystle Williams
School of Life Experience SOLE Alternative Stephanie Tat
Second Street Jr Md S Julia Dearing-Vollett
Secord E S Sandra Davies
SEED Alternative School Stephanie Tat
Selwyn E S Nasteho Hasan
Senator OConnor College S Jason Bass-Meldrum
Seneca Hill PS Katarina Ehler
Seneca School Joanne McKinlay
Seventh Street Jr S Julia Dearing-Vollett
Shaughnessy PS Muna Jama
Sheppard PS Pinsara Widyaratne
Shirley Street Jr PS Madeleine Frimpong
Shoreham PS Felicia Ogobor
Silver Springs PS Christine Au-Wing
Silverthorn CI Carole Brammah
Silverthorn Community S Livina Ngolichukwu
Sir Adam Beck Jr S Wendy Negrazis
Sir Alexander Mackenzie Sr PS Judy Soong
Sir Ernest MacMillan Sr PS Muna Jama
Sir John A Macdonald CI Christine Au-Wing
Sir Oliver Mowat CI Christina Jeong
Sir Samuel B Steele Jr PS Muna Jama
Sir Wilfrid Laurier CI Carol Shen
Sir William Osler High School Christine Au-Wing
Sloane PS Amanda Costa
Smithfield Md S Anahita Bindra
South East Year Round Alternative School Irene Folaranmi
Spectrum Alternative Sr S Jeannie Truong
Sprucecourt Jr PS Angelina Dean
St Agatha CS Carol Shen
St Agnes CS Maryam Salik
St Aidan CS Silence Lai
St Albert CS Sidratum Miah
St Alphonsus CS Karina Milandou
St Ambrose CS Wendy Negrazis
St Andre CS Amanda De Coteau
St Andrew CS Kristina Khatib
St Andrews Md S Jasmine Yang
St Andrews PS Sidratum Miah
St Angela CS Kristina Khatib
St Anselm CS Sagal Saeed
St Anthony CS Sima Patel
St Antoine Daniel CS Olga Stankevych
St Augustine CS Zoha Sultani
St Barbara CS Anita Sarpong
St Barnabas CS TBD
St Bartholomew CS Judy Soong
St BasiltheGreat College School Zoha Sultani
St Bede CS Christina Jeong
St Benedict CS Cindy Da Costa
St Bernard CS Debbie Jones
St Bonaventure CS Jasmine Yang
St Boniface CS Paraskevi Varsamidou
St Brendan CS Natasha Sayani
St Brigid CS Sagal Saeed
St BrunoSt Raymond CS Madeleine Frimpong
St Catherine CS TBD
St Cecilia CS Elizabeth Emeru
St Charles CS Olga Stankevych
St Charles Garnier CS Felicia Ogobor
St Clare CS Karina Milandou
St Clement CS Carole Brammah
St Columba CS TBD
St Conrad CS Amanda De Coteau
St Cyril CS Ping Xiao
St Demetrius CS Aleksandra Basarab
St Denis CS Ethel Emil
St Dominic Savio CS Christina Jeong
St Dorothy CS Sheila Singh
St Dunstan CS Karen Mahadeo
St Edmund Campion CS Lynda Thomas
St Edward CS Jasmine Yang
St Elizabeth CS Wendy Negrazis
St Elizabeth Seton CS Judy Soong
St Eugene CS Theresa Santos
St Fidelis CS Yumi Zhao
St Florence CS TBD
St Francis de Sales CS Zoha Sultani
St Francis of Assisi CS Vanessa DeAla
St Francis Xavier CS Yumi Zhao
St Gabriel Catholic CS Kiren Randhawa
St Gabriel Lalemant CS TBD
St Georges Jr S Carole Brammah
St Gerald CS Katarina Ehler
St Gregory CS Carole Brammah
St Helen CS Vanessa DeAla
St Henry Catholic CS Muna Jama
St Ignatius of Loyola CS Natasha Sayani
St Isaac Jogues CS TBD
St James CS Grace Dygas
St Jane Frances CS Felicia Ogobor
St Jean de Brebeuf CS Christina Jeong
St Jerome CS Pinsara Widyaratne
St Joachim CS Karen Mahadeo
St Joan of Arc Catholic Academy Paraskevi Varsamidou
St John Bosco CS Karina Milandou
St John CS Ethel Emil
St John Henry Newman Catholic HS Carol Shen
St John Paul II Catholic SS Angela Anderson
St John the Evangelist CS Cary Hui
St John Vianney CS Iolanda Tsironis
St John XXIII CS Nancy Hagshenas
St Josaphat CS Sarah Aldous
St Joseph CS Stephanie Tat
St Joseph Morrow Park Catholic SS Maryam Salik
St Josephs College S Lesley Belows
St Jude CS Zoha Sultani
St Kateri Tekakwitha CS Katarina Ehler
St Kevin CS Sidratum Miah
St Lawrence CS Alana Malvaso
St Leo CS Elizabeth Emeru
St Louis CS Diana Vumbaca
St Luigi CS Vanessa De Ala
St Malachy CS Angela Anderson
St Marcellus CS Edie Cade
St Margaret CS Lily Cao
St Margarets PS Michelle McLean
St Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic CS Natasha Sayani
St Maria Goretti CS Donna Diadamo
St Mark CS Diana Vumbaca
St Martha CS Amanda De-Coteau
St Martin Catholic School (was Monsignor Fraser College St Martin Campus) Cary Hui
St Martin De Porres CS Angela Anderson
St Mary Catholic Academy SS Sima Patel
St Mary CS Madeleine Frimpong
St Mary of the Angels CS Madeleine Frimpong
St Matthew CS Karina Milandou
St Matthias CS (Temporary Site) TBD
St Maurice CS Edie Cade
St Michael CS Angelina Dean
St Michaels Choir Jr S Karina Milandou
St Michaels Choir Sr S Karina Milandou
St Monica CS Jeannie Truong
St Mother Teresa Catholic Academy SS Josephine Iserhienrhien
St Nicholas CS Michelle McLean
St Nicholas of Bari CS Karina Milandou
St Norbert CS Ayub Ali
St Oscar Romero Catholic SS Wendy Rustrian
St Paschal Baylon CS Olga Stankevych
St Patrick Catholic SS Ben Nartehyoe
St Paul CS Angelina Dean
St Paul VI CS Sima Patel
St Pius X CS Wendy Negrazis
St Raphael CS Ayub Ali
St Rene Goupil CS Silence Lai
St Richard CS Irene Folaranmi
St Rita CS Vanessa De Ala
St Robert Catholic S Olga Stankevych
St Roch CS Roya Chabok
St Rose of Lima CS Maria Muikila
St Sebastian CS Sima Patel
St Simon CS Olga Stankevych
St Stephen CS Theresa Santos
St Sylvester CS Silence Lai
St Theresa Shrine CS Sidratum Miah
St Thomas Aquinas CS Kathleen George
St Thomas More CS Michelle D’Ornellas Michelle.D’
St Timothy CS TBD
St Ursula CS Carol Shen
St Victor CS Sidratum Miah
St Vincent de Paul CS Wendy Negrazis
St Wilfrid CS Yumi Zhao
Stanley PS Tarandeep Narwal
Steelesview PS Jasmine Yang
Stella Maris CS Sima Patel
Stephen Leacock CI Christine Au-Wing
Stilecroft PS Yumi Zhao
Sts Cosmas and Damian CS Olga Stankevych
Subway Academy I Stephanie Tat
Subway Academy II Vanessa De Ala
Summit Heights PS Olga Stankevych
Sunny View Jr  Sr PS Esther Persaud
Sunnylea Jr S Diana Vumbaca
Swansea Junior and Senior Jr  Sr PS Wendy Negrazis
Tam OShanter Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Taylor Creek PS Karen Mahadeo
Tecumseh Sr PS Anita Sarpong
TerraviewWillowfield PS Sidratum Miah
Terry Fox PS Muna Jama
The Divine Infant CS Natasha Sayani
The Elms Jr Md S Theresa Santos
The Grove Community School Madeleine Frimpong
The Holy Trinity CS Julia Dearing-Vollett
The Student School Elizabeth Emeru
The Waterfront S Madeleine Frimpong
Thistletown CI Iolanda Tsironis
Thomas L Wells PS Christina Jeong
Thorncliffe Park PS Amanda Costa
Three Valleys PS Jason Bass-Meldrum
Timberbank Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Tom Longboat Junior PS TBD
Topcliff PS Tarandeep Narwal
Transfiguration of our Lord CS Diana Vumbaca
Tredway Woodsworth PS Maria Muikila
Tumpane PS Amanda De Coteau
Twentieth Street Jr S Julia Dearing-Vollett
Ursula Franklin Academy Elizabeth Emeru
Valley Park Md S Nancy Hagshenas
Valleyfield Jr S Krystle Williams
Venerable John Merlini CS Roya Chabok
Victoria Park CI TBD
Victoria Park E S Nasteho Hasan
Victoria Village PS Sandra Davies
Vradenburg Jr PS Christine Au-Wing
Walter Perry Jr PS Denise Peart
Warren Park Jr PS Grace Dygas
Wedgewood Jr S Carole Brammah
Wellesworth Jr S Joanne McKinlay
West End Alternative School Lesley Belows
West Glen Jr S Joanne McKinlay
West Hill CI Lynda Thomas
West Hill PS Michelle McLean
West Humber CI Anahita Bindra
West Humber Jr Md S Sheila Singh
West Preparatory Jr PS Maryam Salik
West Rouge Jr PS Christina Jeong
Western T  CS Elizabeth Emeru
Westmount Jr S Aleksandra Basarab
Weston CI Cary Hui
Weston Memorial Jr PS Cary Hui
Westview Centennial SS Tarandeep Narwal
Westway Jr S Krystle Williams
Westwood Md S Sagal Saeed
Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts Sidratum Miah
Wexford PS Justin Reyes
White Haven Jr PS Judy Soong
Whitney Jr PS Jeannie Truong
Wilkinson Jr PS Sagal Saeed
William Burgess E S Raihan Intwala
William G Davis Jr PS Christina Jeong
William G Miller Jr PS Angela Anderson
William J McCordic S Justin Reyes
William Lyon Mackenzie CI Olga Stankevych
Williamson Road Jr PS Ethel Emil
Willow Park Jr PS Maria Muikila
Willowdale Md S Ping Xiao
Wilmington E S Olga Stankevych
Winchester Jr  Sr PS Vanessa De Ala
Windfields Md S Jasmine Yang
Winona Drive Sr PS Karina Milandou
Winston Churchill CI Alana Malvaso
Withrow Avenue Jr PS Stephanie Tat
Woburn CI Irene Folaranmi
Woburn Jr PS Michelle McLean
Woodbine Md S TBD
York Humber High School Morris Lowe
York Memorial CI Debbie Jones
York Mills CI Jasmine Yang
Yorkdale Adult Learning Centre Fatma Baykal
Yorkdale Secondary School Olga Stankevych
Yorkview PS Ping Xiao
Yorkwoods PS Ayub Ali
Zion Heights Md S Jasmine Yang