Starting kindergarten is an exciting time. Check if your child is ready for school:

  • Can your child get dressed or eat without help?
  • Can your child be away from you for a few hours?
  • Can your child use crayons, scissors or look at books?
  • Has your child had an eye exam?
  • Has your child received immunizations needed to attend school?
  • Has your child spent time playing with other children?

How to help your child do well at school

Children learn best when:

  • They have a routine at home. When children know what activity comes next they feel safer and less worried.
  • They have enough sleep, healthy foods and physical activity.
  • They feel safe in their school.
  • Their parents are involved in their learning and their school.

All parents and caregivers have questions about parenting and their child’s school. There are many people in the school who can help. Speak with teachers, principals, guidance counsellors, social workers and public health nurses. For newcomers to Canada, in certain schools there are settlement workers to help as well.

Download the English resource. Also available in 繁體中文 Traditional Chinese