Building Evaluations

City staff will conduct inspections at every apartment building at least once every three years. Building owners will be notified in advance of this inspection.

During the site visit, City staff will inspect:

  • common areas and building grounds
  • amenities, such as swimming pools and recreational areas
  • elevators
  • garbage and recycling management (such as chutes, storage and screening)
  • lighting
  • mechanical systems (such as heating and ventilation)
  • parking facilities and garages
  • security systems (such as self-closing external doors, intercom systems)
  • structure (such as building façade)
  • overall cleanliness of the building and common areas.

The building owner will be provided a report of the inspection findings and given an building evaluation score.  The overall evaluation score will determine if a full building audit is required. For example, a low scoring building will be subjected to a full building audit. In this case, the building owner will be notified when full building audit is scheduled to occur.

The cost of the regular site visit is included in the registration fee.


An audit differs from a building evaluation. The overall evaluation score will determine if a full building audit is required. A full audit requires an inspection of all common areas from rooftop to basement, underground garage and exterior grounds.

If possible, during the audit the RentSafeTO team will be in the lobby of apartment buildings to take service requests about in-suite issues. These service requests will then be shared with building owners so that the issues can be fixed. The RentSafeTO team will follow-up on these service requests submitted during the audit and take appropriate action, if required.

Building owners will receive an invoice for an administrative fee of $1,870.33 as well as an audit inspection fee (calculated by $113.05 per hour per officer for 2019.) If these fees are not paid within 90 days, they will be added to the property tax bill.

Note: This fee is subject to late fees. If the fee is not paid after 90 days, the fee will be added to the property tax bill.