There are fees associated with the RentSafeTO: Apartment Building Standards program, including registration/renewal fees and building audit fees. In addition, apartment building owners who do not comply with the program’s requirements may be subject to enforcement action, including fines.

Apartment buildings registered with the City must pay certain fees. Current fees can be found in the Fees and Charges Bylaw (Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 441, Fees and Charges, Appendix C, Schedule 12). All fees are subject to an annual increase each year in accordance with the City’s User Fee Policy.

  • Annual registration/renewal fee: For 2024, the registration and renewal fee is $16.02 per residential unit. This fee includes the cost of City-initiated building evaluations.
  • Building audit fees: Fees are charged when the City conducts a building audit. For 2024, the audit administrative fee is $2,111.76 and the audit inspection fee is $152.73 per hour, per officer. If re-inspections are necessary, the applicable fee(s) will also be applied.
  • Re-evaluation fee: For 2024, the re-evaluation fee is $343.00 per registered building.

Fees are waived for social housing providers, which include:

  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Non-profit housing provider of assisted or social housing under a program administered by the City of Toronto and
  • Dedicated supportive housing provided funded by the Province of Ontario.

Tenants can contact 311 to submit complaints about violations of the Apartment Buildings Bylaw. If there is a complaint or information about a possible violation, Bylaw Enforcement Officers investigate, educate and/or take enforcement actions.

The goal is to resolve issues and ensure that apartment building owners and operators are following bylaws. Each issue is addressed on case-by-case basis to make sure reasonable, fair and appropriate actions are taken. For example, in some cases the issue may be resolved through education. In other cases, further enforcement action may be required.

If a building owner contravenes a provision of the Bylaw, they are guilty of an offence. If they are issued a ticket, on conviction they may be liable to the fine for the offence set out in the table below.

If a building owner is issued a summons to court, on conviction they may be liable to a fine of up to $100,000 or to a daily fine of up to $10,000 for each day the contravention continues and, in addition, to a fine equal to any economic gain they have obtained because of the contravention.

These fines are applicable to both private building owners and non-profit social housing providers.

Also, if a building owner does not comply with a City-issued order to correct a bylaw violation, the City has the authority to do the remedial work at the expense of the building owner. The cost of this work is added to the property tax bill.

Article 2 – Registration

Offence Bylaw Provision Fine
Owner of apartment building, fail to register 354-2.1A $600.00
Fail to update a registration within 30 days of any change 354-2.1D $500.00
Provide false, inaccurate or misleading information 354-2.1E(1) $500.00

Article 3 – Owner and Operator Obligations

Offence Bylaw Provision Fine
No process for receiving and tracking tenant service requests 354-3.1A $500.00
Fail to respond to urgent tenant service request within 24 hours 354-3.1C(1) $600.00
Fail to respond to non-urgent tenant service request within 7 days 354-3.1C(2) $500.00
Fail to maintain records related to tenant service requests 354-3.1D $400.00
No notification board 354-3.2A $600.00
Fail to post information on notification board 354-3.2B $400.00
Fail to inspect property for pests every 30 days 354-3.3A(1) $500.00
Fail to inspect property within 72 hours after receiving information about presence of pests 354-3.3A(2) $500.00
Fail to prevent spread of pests 354-3.3B(1) $600.00
Fail to eliminate pests 354-3.3B(2) $600.00
Fail to retain licensed pest management operator 354-3.3C $600.00
Obscure or hide the presence of pests 354-3.3E $600.00
Obstruct the extermination of pests 354-3.3F $600.00
No waste management plan 354-3.4A $500.00
Fail to maintain records related to waste management plan 354-3.4C $400.00
Fail to post waste diversion literature 354-3.4D(1) $400.00
Fail to identify place to deposit garbage, recycling and organic materials 354-3.4D(2) $400.00
Fail to inspect once every day for cleanliness 354-3.5A $500.00
No cleaning plan 354-3.5B $500.00
Fail to maintain records related to cleaning and cleaning plan 354-3.5D $400.00
Fail to demonstrate use of certified tradesperson where required 354-3.6 $600.00
No state of good repair capital plan 354-3.7A $500.00
Fail to provide copy of state of good repair capital plan to tenant or prospective tenant 354-3.7D $400.00
Fail to maintain a contact list of tenants 354-3.8A $600.00
Fail to create and maintain an electrical maintenance plan 354-3.9A $600.00
Fail to maintain information and records related to electrical maintenance plan 354-3.9B $400.00
Fail to develop and maintain a vital service disruption plan 354-3.10A $600.00

Article 4 – Record Keeping

Offence Bylaw Provision Fine
Fail to create and retain records 354-4.1A $400.00
Fail to provide pest management records to tenant or prospective tenant 354-4.1D $400.00

Article 6 – Renting Units to New Tenants While Non-Compliant

Offence Bylaw Provision Fine
Rent unit with confirmed property standards order 354-6.1A $600.00
Rent unit when vital service is discontinued 354-6.1B $600.00
Rent unit with pests 354-6.1C $600.00