News Release
December 15, 2021

City Council has adopted Zoning Bylaw Amendments that will remove most requirements for new developments to provide a minimum number of parking spaces. At the same time, limits on the number of parking spaces that can be built will be added. With a goal of building healthy and sustainable communities, this change helps better manage car dependency and strikes a balance between too much and too little parking.

The adapted regulations – in alignment with the City’s climate action strategy, TransformTO and the Provincial Policy Statement and the Growth Plan (2019) as amended – propels Toronto forward as it works to meet aggressive targets that address environmental sustainability including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving liveability for residents and creating healthier communities.

These Zoning Bylaw updates encourages residents to use alternatives to the car such as walking, cycling and taking transit, which lessens traffic congestion and creates space to improve conditions for pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.


“Today, City Council took real action for a healthier, more sustainable city. This decision means that developers will no longer be required to build parking spaces that home buyers don’t want, making it easier for residents who live without a car to purchase a home.”

– Mayor John Tory

“This more strategic and thoughtful management of the parking supply will contribute to the City’s priorities to address the climate emergency, improve housing affordability, and encourage alternative forms of mobility for more people.”

–  Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão (Davenport), Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee

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