Keeping pedestrians and cyclists safe is a top priority for the City. While Toronto possesses one of the lowest fatality rates in North America, we still lose between 20 to 40 people walking and cycling on our roads each year. We can and must continue to make our roads even safer.

The City has produced bumper magnets to help remind drivers to watch out for our most vulnerable road users. Vulnerable road users do not have the benefit of the safety features of people in cars. These magnets can be affixed to your car in order to help remind other motorists to watch out for pedestrians and cyclists and to drive with a little extra caution.

It is particularly important to keep this issue in our minds during the fall. Historically we’ve seen an approximately 60-80% increase in the average number of monthly collisions with vulnerable road users during the October and November, as daylight hours get shorter.

To get a hold of one of these new magnets, watch out for Transportation Services staff who will be handing them out at upcoming events, or they can be picked up from the Permit Parking desk on the ground floor of City Hall.


Bumper Magnet stating: Cyclists don't have airbags. Please drive carefully.

Bumper Magnet stating: Pedestrians don't have steel-reinforced frames. Please drive carefully.