There’s a life on every bike.


An info graphic of a woman riding a bicycle where her body and the bike frame spell out best friend.
An info graphic of a man riding a bicycle where his body and the bike spell out life partner.
An info graphic of a man bicycling where his body and the bike spell our care giver.

Did you know that if a person cycling is struck by a vehicle travelling at 50 km/h, their chance of survival is only one in 10?  

Whether you are a new or experienced driver, you should always drive carefully around vulnerable road users, which includes people cycling. See each tip below to learn more about the basics of safe driving around people cycling.  

How to Pass

When passing a person cycling, maintain a minimum distance of one metre where practical between your vehicle and the person cycling. Whenever possible, change lanes to pass. 

Driving Near Bikeways

Where a bikeway is separated by a solid white line, drivers should not merge into the lane; instead, they must yield to people cycling and turn from the vehicle lane instead. Bikeways that have a dashed line leading to the intersection allow drivers to fully enter the lane when it is safe and clear of people cycling. People cycling must then pass the turning vehicle on the left or wait behind the vehicle until the lane is clear. 

Don’t Stop or Park in Bikeways

No vehicle is allowed to stop or park in bikeways (bicycle lanes and cycle tracks), except for: 

  • Emergency response vehicles actively responding to an emergency 
  • City of Toronto and public utility vehicles actively engaged in work  
  • School buses picking up or dropping off kids (applies to bicycle lanes only)
  • Taxicabs loading or unloading passengers (applies to bicycle lanes only)
  • Wheel-Trans vehicles operated or licensed by the TTC for loading and unloading passengers (applies to cycle tracks only)

Look Before Opening Your Car Door

Be careful when opening the door of a parked vehicle. If a person cycling or pedestrian is endangered, you could be fined $110 and receive two demerit points.