In order to ensure quick processing of arts, music and movie night bookings in parks, the City has pre-approved the following locations.

Each of these parks may host one event per day, up to six times a month and no more than 10 times per year before undergoing a more thorough review. Book a park for a single arts, music or movie night event.

Location Ward
Amos Waites Park Ward 6
Broadacres Park
Small events only
Ward 3
Colonel Samuel Smith Park Ward 6
Etienne Brule Park Ward 13
Memorial Park Ward 11
Location Ward
Driftwood Community Centre
Small open space – sitting area
Ward 8
Earl Bales Park Ward 10
Edithvale Parks
Small stage area
Ward 23
E.T. Seton Park Ward 26
Flemingdon Park Ward 26
Fountainhead Park Ward 8
G Ross Lord Park
(minus the sports field complex)
Ward 10
Lawrence Park
Not by gardens/wedding photography
(limited or no parking)
Ward 25
Alexander Muir Park
Small, mostly gardens – very limited art or music
(limited or no parking)
Ward 25
Lee Lifeson Art Park Ward 23
Northwood Park Ward 9
Reading Sprouts Garden Ward 26
R.V. Burgess Park Ward 26
Serena Gundy Park Ward 26
Sunnybrook Park
(minus sports fields)
Ward 25
Trace Manes Park
(minus sports fields)
Ward 26