The City of Toronto’s formal relationships represent all corners of the globe and are based on the partner and friendship city’s demographics, economic growth and similarities, GDP, and the potential for export development.

Program Goals & Objectives

Economic development

  • Build economic links, expand business contacts, relationships and communications by creating and executing programs.
  • Increase Toronto’s profile on the world stage and help Toronto businesses increase the exposure of products and services.
  • Attract business and investment creating high quality jobs and new sources of revenue for Toronto.
  • Generate export development leads and build market intelligence.

Cultural development

  • Promote Toronto as the Creative City of the future with robust cultural and creative industries.
  • Invigorate and promote Toronto’s cultural tourist attractions.
  • Facilitate interaction and collaboration amongst cultural institutions in Toronto and relationship cities.
  • Enhance the potential for Toronto’s flagship arts organizations to act as cultural ambassadors in relationship cities.

Cross-cultural community development

  • Capitalize on the ethnic, cultural, linguistic, and religious diversity of our city.
  • Market Toronto as home to virtually all of the world’s culture groups and where more than 100 languages are spoken.