Build Toronto Inc. (Build Toronto), is a City of Toronto corporation, which supports CreateTO as part of the city-wide real estate model.

CreateTO, is the City of Toronto’s real estate agency responsible for managing City’s real estate portfolio, developing City buildings and lands for municipal purposes and delivering client-focused real estate solutions to City divisions, agencies and corporations.

As the development arm of CreateTO, Build Toronto is responsible for managing, developing, marketing and value optimization of surplus lands sold or turned over to Build Toronto by the City. It works with the City, investors or partners as appropriate to maximize the benefit and value potential of lands owned or managed by Build Toronto and act as a catalyst for the development of infrastructure and sustainable services in Toronto.

As part of the city-wide real estate transformation, Build Toronto’s new Shareholder Direction was approved by City Council on December 5, 2017.

Members of the Board of Directors of CreateTO are the ex officio members of the board of directors of Build Toronto. For more information, review the Board governance structure for Build Toronto Inc.