The City is committed to ‘opening up government’ to strengthen public trust. To help support this, the City has created an Open Government Committee. This committee of senior staff promotes the transformation to an organizational culture of greater collaboration and openness.  We are changing strategies, policies, technology systems and business processes to encourage openness as ‘just a way of doing business.’

Vision: We envision a connected, informed public empowered by an accountable, transparent and collaborative City Government.

Mission: The term open government is often used to describe initiatives of putting government data on the Internet. This conceptualization is too restricted since open government is not only about openness in informational terms but also about openness in interactive terms, for example, the key principles of open government. Adaptive change requires participation and collaboration, not just the availability of data. It means:

  1. Bringing transparency and accountability to an engaged public through access to information, innovation and citizen-centric services.
  2. Fostering open government processes, supervised by an informed and engaged citizenry.
  3. Ensuring, enhancing, and educating people about their rights and supporting their efforts to gain access to government activities, information and services, and advocating the principles and benefits of open government.

The Open Government Committee provides oversight and promotes a culture of collaboration and openness. It is composed of senior management employees from across the City and chaired by the City Clerk. The committee reviews and endorses policies, strategies, frameworks, and standards that support and enrich our Open Government experiences.

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