A Committee of Adjustment Application is submitted for proposals involving Minor Variance or Consents approvals.

Application Formats

You can submit digital applications on a USB key or via email as a PDF


Ensure the following application submission requirements are met when submitting a USB key:

  1. USB key is formatted for use in a Windows-based device (e.g. Fat32 / NTFS)
  2. USB key includes only PDF files and they are not compressed (e.g. no zipped files) and no folders

Note: USB keys will not be returned.

All Minor Variance and Consent applications are accepted in digital format (PDF) by email to bldapplications@toronto.ca. Please include the property address in the subject line.

If you prefer to submit in person, digital applications with a USB/CD/DVD can be submitted to any Toronto Building Customer Service Counter in any district regardless of the property location.

Timing of Applications

The Planning Act prohibits an applicant from making an application for a minor variance if a site-specific zoning by-law has been passed within the last two years. If your property has not been the subject of a site-specific zoning by-law passed within the last two years, you can make an application. But if your property has been the subject of a site-specific by-law passed within the last two years, you will need Council approval to proceed with the application.

Please contact Community Planning for information on how to proceed with the application.

Application, Forms and Resources

Refer to the Application Checklist for complete details and requirements. A complete submission will expedite the evaluation and timely hearing scheduling of your Application.

2019 Fees

Minor Variance

  • Clear title: $1,208.37
  • Additions and alterations to existing dwellings with three units or less: $1,612.50
  • Residential dwellings with three units or less: $3,625.15
  • All other residential, commercial, industrial or institutional uses: $4,691.86
  • After the Fact variances: double the regular fee


  • Base fee for severing one lot into two or establishing a new easement: $5,845.77
  • Fee for each additional lot created: $4,746.77
  • Validation of Title, Technical Severance, Leases, Mortgage Discharge, Lot Additions, Re-Establishing Easements: $1,646.46