Approximately five kilometres in length, the Green Line is a proposed new linear park system in an active hydro-electric corridor that will connect neighbourhoods and expand the broader open space network in midtown and west Toronto. The construction and revitalization of new and existing parks in the Green Line are guided by the Green Line Implementation Plan final report.

The creation of a connected series of open spaces within the Dupont hydro corridor has been a goal of local citizens and the City of Toronto since before amalgamation. Indeed, the City of Toronto has licensed several of the parcels within the corridor and operates them as parkland, some having existed as parks since the 1970s. Many of the parcels within the corridor remain undeveloped, however, leaving the parks disconnected to each other and the corridor discontinuous.

The Green Line vision was galvanized through a community initiative when Workshop Architecture organized a design ideas competition in 2012, which spurred community interest and the involvement of the charity Park People. The City heard the community and in 2016 initiated the Green Line Implementation Plan, a study and master plan, in partnership with Park People.

Park People released this informational video above to describe the community vision that helped to initiate support for the City project. The Implementation Plan was completed in 2019 and is the culmination of two phases of study and consultation. Download the Green Line Implementation Plan final report.

Phase 1: Inventory, Analysis and Consultation

In Phase 1, the project team completed a comprehensive inventory including reviewing existing planning policies, conducting environmental and archaeological assessments, preparing a safety and walkability audit and consulting with stakeholders.

The Phase 1 study helped to identify the distinct character areas along the Green Line, and set the stage for conceptual design work in Phase 2.

Phase 2: Developing a Conceptual Plan

In Phase 2, a draft conceptual plan was developed for the proposed Green Line, complete with design guidelines, design details and site-specific schematic designs for various public spaces proposed within the corridor.

The Green Line Implementation Plan Final Report

The Green Line Implementation Plan final report provides a plan for connecting the corridor into a public open space, using the following methods:

  • Improving existing licensed parkland parcels within the Green Line.
  • Licensing new Green Line parcels from the province and Hydro One and creating public spaces within them.
  • Making improvements to City rights-of-way between or adjacent to Green Line parcels.
  • Improving pedestrian connections at road crossings.

Geary Avenue Park Expansion

The Geary Avenue Park Expansion will grow the existing park and link to Barlett Parkette at Salem Avenue.

Macpherson Avenue Park

Macpherson Avenue Park is a new park coming to the Lower Davenport neighbourhood.

Phase 2: Draft Conceptual Master Plan

On April 23, 2018, City staff and the consultant team members presented the Phase 2 Draft Conceptual Master Plan, received input from the public, and discussed next steps. Feedback collected from the public informed the Green Line Implementation summary report.

Downloads from the meeting:

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