2019 fees associated with RentSafeTO: Apartment Building Standards:

  • Registration and Renewal – per unit fee: $11.02
  • Building Evaluation – no cost (at least once every three years)
  • Audit – administration fee of $1,870.33 plus inspection fee of $113.05 (per hour, minimum one hour); if a re-inspection is necessary, add $113.05 (per hour, minimum one hour) – (as applicable)

Fees are waived for social housing providers including:

  • Toronto Community Housing Corporation
  • Non-profit housing provider of assisted or social housing under a program administered by the City of Toronto
  • Dedicated supportive housing provided funded by the Province of Ontario


If property owners do not follow the regulations in the Apartment Building Bylaw or other applicable bylaws, there are general fines that City staff can issue. These include:

  • a set fine ticket between $100 and $1,000
  • a court summons, which includes a date to appear in court before a Justice of the Peace. If convicted, fines can be up to $100,000

In addition to these general fines, the Apartment Building Bylaw has new offences for which negligent building owners can be charged, with higher maximum fines. These fines include:

  • continuing fines for each day that the offence continues to a maximum of $10,000 per day
  • escalating fines for second and subsequent convictions for the same offence, to a maximum of $100,000

These fines are applicable to both private landlords and non-profit social housing providers.