Register for in-person and virtual March Break CampTO. Programs start on March 14, 2022.

Explore drop-in and virtual winter programs.

Many winter recreation programs are adapted to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities. To ensure a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience, classes are smaller, additional assistance is provided and sometimes adaptive equipment is used. To access Adapted and Inclusive Services (AIS) you need an AIS membership.

Accessible Recreation programs include:

  • Adapted CampTO
  • Adapted Ski and Snowboard
  • Virtual – virtual active 8, virtual adapted arts and crafts, virtual adapted camp, virtual adapted chair yoga, virtual adapted games, virtual adapted science, virtual adapted family zumba

Drop-in programs are available for many ages and interests. Most are free and require no registration. Browse programs by category using the Drop-in Programs List or search by location using the Drop-in Programs Map.

Drop-in programs include:

*fees apply

March Break CampTO is an early spring camp experience for children ages four to 12 years. It offers outdoor and physical activities, active and quiet games, arts and crafts and nature-based activities. It is available at 86 locations across the city.

CampTO Plus is a series of specialty camps that combine the traditional camp experience with a focus on one particular interest or skill. Interests include arts and crafts, cooking, environment and sports.

Adapted CampTO offers a safe, enjoyable and rewarding experience for individuals with disabilities.

Virtual CampTO is an online interactive camp experience for children ages four to 12. Workshops include arts and crafts, cooking, science and fitness. Virtual Adapted CampTO is facilitated by specialized staff and some activities may require a guardian.

Whether you’re an experienced skater or getting started, achieve your skating goals in our friendly and safe outdoor classes.

Programs include:

Ski and snowboarding lessons are offered with or without equipment rentals at Centennial Park and Earl Bales Park. Program dates vary and are weather and snowfall-dependent.

Programs include:

  • Introduction to Ski
  • Introduction to Snowboard
  • Ski – group classes for various ages and levels
  • Ski Instructor Preparation
  • Ski – private
  • Ski Race
  • Snowboard – group classes for various ages and levels
  • Snowboard Instructor Preparation
  • Snowboard – private

Prefer to stay at home? Join our virtual recreation classes.

Virtual programs include:

  • Virtual adapted programs and CampTO
  • Virtual arts: child, older adult
  • Virtual CampTO
  • Virtual dance: child

Learn more about Virtual Recreation.

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