News Release
October 4, 2021

Today, Toronto City Council requested City staff undertake further public consultation on a new regulatory framework that would allow multi-tenant houses to operate in all parts of Toronto.

Multi-tenant houses are an important part of Toronto’s rental housing stock. However, they have not been permitted in some areas of the city due to fragmented zoning and licensing bylaws that have not been updated since amalgamation in 1998. Despite this, people continue to operate unlicensed multi-tenant houses to meet demand, which can result in inadequate and unsafe living conditions for tenants.

While recognizing considerable progress has been made on the framework, City Council in a 17-8 vote requested staff undertake additional work to address some of the biggest concerns raised including:

  • Conducting a more complete and proper public consultation that proactively reaches out to residents in areas where multi-tenant housing permissions would be introduced;
  • Creating an enhanced enforcement staffing plan so that landlords are held accountable and our bylaw officers are able to implement this framework and the enforcement expected to accompany it;
  • Readying a communications plan that would follow the approval of the city-wide framework so people understand what this plan is and what it isn’t – just the facts to help alleviate fear and foster understanding; and,
  • Developing a proper reporting plan so we are updated on the progress of this program.

Once this work is completed, City staff are expected to report back to City Council as soon as possible.

Read the Council decision. 

The staff report that outlines the complete framework is available online.

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