News Release
July 16, 2021

This week, City Council made significant progress on the City of Toronto’s 10-year housing action plan, HousingTO 2020-2030, with the approval of multiple reports that support the creation of new supportive, affordable rental and ownership homes, investment in neighbourhoods, and help maintain existing affordable housing stock.

The HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan  provides a blueprint for action across the full housing spectrum – from homelessness to rental to ownership housing. The plan, approved by City Council in late 2019, sets an aggressive housing agenda focused on supporting people through 13 key strategic actions. The plan is available here

At the July meeting of Council, significant progress was made on four of the key strategic actions, as follows:

Ensure well-maintained and secure homes for renters

With the passing of the Tenant Advisory Committee Updates and Work Plan and the Toronto Tenant Support Program Implementation, City Council has made a strong commitment towards supporting tenants so that they can access safe and stable housing.

Continue investment in neighbourhoods

City Council is making progress on its Housing Now Initiative by adopting reports for two sites: Bloor Street-Kipling Avenue and 405 Sherbourne St. Creating new housing (including affordable rental homes) and advancing city-building objectives, such as the creation of parks and community facilities as well as retail and commercial spaces to support local employment opportunities, are critical to a healthy economy and promoting complete communities across Toronto.

Create new rental housing responsive to residents’ needs

The City is supporting the creation of new affordable and supportive homes across four sites: 3377 Bayview Ave.; 1750 Ellesmere Rd.; 150 Dunn Ave.; and 7 Glamorgan Ave. These projects will provide safe, secure and affordable homes to low- and moderate-income households, including people experiencing homelessness, and will help Toronto reach its target of approving 40,000 affordable and supportive homes by 2030.

Help people buy, stay in and improve their homes

The upcoming review of the City’s affordable home ownership policy and program will inform and provide guidance to the City on how its housing programs and policies should evolve to reflect current market realities, as well as to support City Council’s target of achieving 4,000 new affordable home ownership opportunities by 2030. The review will also recommend actions to ensure that the equity-deserving groups, including Indigenous and Black households, are able to access the City’s program.

More information:

City Council’s decisions will require the enactment of a confirmatory bylaw.


“We have been working hard to move our HousingTO Action Plan forward with lightning speed. This has included the creation of supportive homes opening within months, not years, and significant work with the other orders of government to ensure the entire HousingTO Action Plan is fully funded. Housing is a priority and we will continue to do all that we can to support those who are struggling to find housing and pay the rent. Ensuring that residents in our city have access to housing will benefit our entire city.”
– Mayor John Tory

“With Council’s support this week, we continue to use every tool in our tool box to create new, and maintain existing, affordable homes. We are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to creating new housing opportunities, with work approved at this Council meeting that reaches across the housing spectrum, from supporting those experiencing homelessness, to unlocking vacant homes into the city’s rental housing stock, to supporting those looking to buy a home in our city.”

– Deputy Mayor Ana Bailão (Davenport), Chair of the Planning and Housing Committee

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