News Release
September 16, 2020

The City of Toronto continues to respond to COVID-19. Today, Mayor John Tory, Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Eileen de Villa, and Fire Chief and General Manager of the Office of Emergency Management Matthew Pegg provided an update on the City’s response and recovery and rebuild progress.

There are 17,028 cases of COVID-19 in the city, an increase of 86 today. There are 20 people hospitalized. In total, 15,089 people have recovered from COVID-19. To date, there have been 1,178 COVID-19 deaths in Toronto. Case status data can be found on the City’s reporting platform.

Toronto is six weeks into reopening, with a picture of COVID-19 infections in the city emerging. Toronto Public Health is currently seeing a COVID-19 reproductive number of 1.2, meaning each new case of COVID-19 infection is creating 1.2 further cases. Dr. de Villa attributed the resurgence of cases to people in Toronto getting used to living life under reopening and urged residents to limit contact with people outside their home and always ask themselves if going somewhere is necessary or can wait, and if it can’t wait, if there is a low contact way to do it.

Over the past six weeks, approximately 50 per cent of infections were categorized as close contact – the result of exposure to someone whose infection is known, although it may not have been evident when they infected someone else. Close contact can happen anywhere: with family, at social events, in bars and restaurants, or at work. Close contact carries greater risk anywhere that masks are not being worn and physical distancing is not happening and in places where people let their guard down. Toronto Public Health is currently investigating and tracking four separate weddings that have, to date, generated 22 infections.

A continuing resurgence of COVID-19 cases carries the real possibility of new restrictions being imposed if the direction doesn’t change. People are reminded to adhere to Toronto Public Health’s advice to wash hands often, practise physical distancing with those outside of your home, and wear a mask or face covering any time physical distancing cannot be maintained. Wearing a mask or face covering is required in all indoor public spaces in Toronto.

Provincial orders under the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act and the City bylaw on physical distancing remain in effect. Yesterday, the City received 34 complaints related to parks use and physical distancing; two tickets were issued. Officers have cautioned more than 1,130 people this month about physical distancing, alcohol, bonfires and littering bylaws.

Residents can learn about what to expect and what is required as Toronto moves into the new normal and they begin to visit more establishments and take part in more activities at

The City’s website is updated daily with the latest health advice and information about City services, social supports and economic recovery measures. Check for answers to common questions before contacting the Toronto Public Health COVID-19 Hotline or 311.

Toronto is home to more than 2.9 million people whose diversity and experiences make this great city Canada’s leading economic engine and one of the world’s most diverse and livable cities. As the fourth largest city in North America, Toronto is a global leader in technology, finance, film, music, culture and innovation, and consistently places at the top of international rankings due to investments championed by its government, residents and businesses. For more information visit the City’s website or follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

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