News Release
April 27, 2021

As of 8 a.m. today, anyone 45 or older living in one of the 53 postal codes across Toronto designated as a high-risk hot spot by the Province of Ontario is eligible to book a vaccination appointment at a City of Toronto operated vaccination clinic. This change makes an additional 206,169 Torontonians eligible for vaccination at a City-run clinic.

A small number of first dose appointments are available at City-operated clinics next week, with greater availability starting the week of May 10. For anyone age 45 or older who has a postal code that starts with the following, registration through or the provincial booking call centre at 1-833-943-3900 is now open:

  • M1B
  • M1C
  • M1E
  • M1G
  • M1H
  • M1J
  • M1K
  • M1L
  • M1M
  • M1P
  • M1R
  • M1S
  • M1T
  • M1V
  • M1W
  • M1X
  • M2J
  • M2M
  • M2R
  • M3A
  • M3C
  • M3H
  • M3J
  • M3K
  • M3L
  • M3M
  • M3N
  • M4A
  • M4H
  • M4X
  • M5A
  • M5B
  • M5N
  • M5V
  • M6A
  • M6B
  • M6E
  • M6H
  • M6K
  • M6L
  • M6M
  • M6N
  • M8V
  • M9A
  • M9B
  • M9C
  • M9L
  • M9M
  • M9N
  • M9P
  • M9R
  • M9V
  • M9W


Starting Thursday, April 29, childcare workers in licensed childcare settings will also be eligible to book an appointment at a City-operated clinic through the provincial booking call centre at 1-833-943-3900. Online registration will not yet be available to this group. More information is available in the Province’s news release.

Vaccination at Team Toronto community mobile or pop-up clinics continues to be available to anyone age 18 or older living in one of the 13 hot spot areas prioritized in Toronto’s Sprint Strategy. All people age 60 or older and people age 45 and older living in the 53 provincial hot spot neighbourhoods are eligible for vaccination at a City-operated clinic. There are a number of other groups (professions, medical conditions, and living situations) also currently eligible for vaccination at City-operated immunization clinics:

  • Anyone who is pregnant
  • Elementary or secondary education workers working in one of the 53 provincial hot spots in Toronto
  • Elementary or secondary education workers supporting students with special education needs
  • Elementary or secondary education workers living in one of the 53 provincial hot spots in Toronto

All people currently eligible for vaccination – including seniors from Phase 1 who have not yet booked vaccination appointments – are urged to book as soon as possible. Booking, transportation and translation information, as well as a link to make your appointment at a City-run vaccination clinic is on or available by calling the provincial booking call centre at 1-833-943-3900. A full list of eligible groups with information on how to register for appointments is available on the City’s COVID-19: How to Get Vaccinated webpage.

All people attending a City-operated immunization clinic are reminded to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to their confirmed appointment time. When attending an appointment, a person requiring assistance can bring on essential support person to help them – whether with transportation, mobility, translation or any other need. The person attending to help the eligible individual will also be screened for symptoms upon arrival. Anyone not requiring assistance is asked to attend their appointment alone.

Getting as many people as possible vaccinated will stop future waves of COVID-19 and protect our healthcare system and wider community. For the current wave of COVID-19 in Toronto, amplified by variants of concern, staying home except when absolutely necessary – for example, to attend a vaccination appointment – and following public health guidance including wearing a mask and physical distancing is of the utmost importance and the best way to keep everyone safe. Please review the City’s COVID-19: Guide for Residents for public health guidance and information on what is and is not permitted under provincial regulations and City bylaws.


“We are focused on getting people vaccinated as quickly as possible with the supply we have from the other governments. This change will allow us to get more people vaccinated in hot spots areas – something we know from health officials is incredibly important in our ongoing fight against COVID-19. I continue to encourage all eligible residents to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

– Mayor John Tory

“Getting vaccines to those who are at greatest risk is our number one priority right now. Lowering the eligibility in targeted postal code areas and opening up phone registration for licensed child care workers, who many Torontonians rely on every day to keep their kids safe, is an important step forward. These actions, combined with our Team Toronto Sprint Strategy that’s ramping up mobile and pop-up clinics in our 13 hardest-hit neighbourhoods, will help protect our most vulnerable.”

– Councillor Joe Cressy (Spadina-Fort York), Chair of the Toronto Board of Health

“I am pleased that even more people are able to book their appointment for COVID-19 vaccine in a City-operated clinic now. As vaccine availability continues to increase, we are ready to continue to increase the number of appointments available in our clinics. I encourage everyone to book their appointment for vaccine as soon as you are eligible.”

– Chief Matthew Pegg, General Manager of the Office of Emergency Management

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Please note, this news release was updated on April 27, 2021 to reflect that all childcare workers in licensed childcare settings will be eligible to book an appointment at a City-operated vaccination clinic through the provincial booking call centre as of Thursday, April 29. A previous version erroneously stated only licensed childcare workers in hot spot areas would be eligible. 

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