We are currently receiving a high volume of inquiries related to property tax and utilities (water/sewer and solid waste billings). For your convenience, a list of the most frequently asked questions with their answers is below.

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The February 28 deadline has passed to make a declaration of your residential property’s occupancy status for the 2022 taxation year. At the end of March 2023, the City will issue a Vacant Home Tax Notice of Assessment to property owners who declared that their property was vacant, or who did not submit a declaration of occupancy status and whose property has now been deemed vacant. If you receive a Vacant Home Tax Notice of Assessment and disagree with it, you may submit a Notice of Complaint through an online portal that will open in early April.

If the Canada Revenue Agency has requested a property tax receipt, one can be issued to you. Use the property tax lookup to view total tax billed for the year.

Current Year Tax Receipts

Your request must be made by phone, email or mail by December 31, at no charge.

Mail-in request for prior year(s) tax receipt

You may request a receipt for the prior year; a fee of $20.06 (fees are reviewed annually as part of the budget process and are subject to change) is applicable. Please mail your request with a cheque for the applicable fee.

Payment Options

Learn all the ways to pay your property tax or utility bill. To avoid late penalties and interest, please pay well before the due date, processing times for your payment can vary.

Making payments

  • You will need your 21 digit assessment roll number from your tax bill or property tax account statement.

  • You will need your 20 digit account and client number from your utility bill.

For cheque payments, please remember to write your property tax roll number (21 digits) and/or your utility bill account number (20 digits) on the cheque.

Inquiry and Payment Counters and Drop Box Services

Property Tax, Utility and Parking Violation Inquiry & Payment Counters are open. Payment counters at Metro Hall remain closed.

Enrol in the City’s new paperless eBilling service and start receiving your property tax and utility bills digitally in 2023. Learn more.

Property Tax

Your customer number is located on the upper portion of your property tax bill, directly below the legal description.

Image of Property Tax Bill
Image of Property Tax Bill

Utility Bill

Your client number is located on the upper portion of your utility bill, directly below the account number.

Image of Utility Bill
Image of Utility Bill

Try these the following tips to help troubleshoot any difficulty you may have signing into the Property Tax and/or Utility Account Lookup:

  • If the required information you have entered is confirmed with green checkmarks, but you are still not able to sign in, double-check to ensure you have entered your information correctly
    • While green checkmarks confirm that what you entered is approved according to the correct format, there may still be an error in the information you have entered – for example, while you may have entered the correct number of digits for the assessment roll number, you may have still entered an incorrect assessment roll number that does not match your property tax account
  • If you receive an error message when signing in, double-check to ensure you have entered your information correctly
  • If the mailing address to the property tax account is outside of Canada, you must enter the property location’s postal code

Note: your Customer Number cannot be used to make payments – use your Assessment Roll Number and/or Utility Account Number for payment purposes

Contact a Customer Service Representative to help troubleshoot any problems you may be experiencing with the Property Tax and Utility Account Lookup tools.

If you would like to use the Property Tax and Utility Account Lookup tools your customer/client number is required.

Change your address through the Property Tax Lookup. Mailing address change requests made online are processed within approximately 48 hours.

Alternatively, refer to Mailing Address Change for other ways to submit your request.

If you have recently sold a property or moved and require the City to close your utility bill account be sure to contact us to request a final meter read.

Learn more about Buying, Selling or Moving.

Log on to view your water use anytime, including total and average water use by day, week, month or year in an easy-to-read graph or chart format.


Toronto’s waste collection program is an all-or-nothing service. If your property opts out of City garbage collection, it will not be eligible for City collection of any other materials including Blue Bin recycling, Green Bin organics, Household Hazardous Waste, electronics and oversized items (e.g. appliances, furniture), all of which are collected for free from buildings receiving City collection. Learn more about opting in or out of City collection services.

Water and solid waste services are rate supported – you pay for the services and water used.

  • Water and solid waste rates increase by 3 per cent –  effective January 1.
  • Oversized items collection fee is charged annually.
  • Water being consumed may have increased due to working or attending school from home.
  • Your property may have experienced a water leak.

Ways to Save

Contact a customer service representative if you still require assistance.

Estimated water charges on utility bills are occasionally issued to properties. To avoid loss of discount and late payment fees, property owners should make payment by the due date. Once an actual meter read is obtained, any billing discrepancies will be adjusted on future bills. Learn more.

In Toronto, it is mandatory for all property owners to have a water meter installed on any pipe that delivers water into the building. Refer to Water Meters.

Requests for refund or transfer of a credit balance due to an overpayment will require proof of payment. Fees may apply.

Refer to Request a Refund or Transfer for more information.