The City of Toronto is installing cameras on select City waste collection vehicles on a temporary pilot basis to capture images of the garbage collection process and support safe vehicle operation.

The information captured by these cameras is collected under the legal authority of the City of Toronto Act, S.O. 2006, Chapter 11, Schedule A, s. 136(c), the City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 844, Waste Collection, Residential Properties and the City of Toronto By-laws No. 777-2016 and 661-2018.

Questions about this collection can be directed to 311.

As part of the Long Term Waste Management Strategy, the City of Toronto is working to improve its waste collection services through the testing of new and innovative technology. The camera pilot will assess whether or not new technology has the ability to identify the location and contents of waste bins, which could assist the City in streamlining operations and improving customer service.

An additional set of cameras on collection trucks contain sensors to support the safe operation of the vehicles and improve pedestrian, cyclist and driver safety. Cameras with safety sensors assist drivers in recognizing if any people are within the operational zone of the vehicle. The use of this type of technology has become an industry standard in Canada.

Cameras have been installed in a way that avoids the capturing of personally identifiable information. While the purpose of the cameras is not to collect personal information, there is a possibility that images of vehicle models, vehicle licence plates and pedestrians may be captured within the camera’s field of view.

In the event that this type of information is collected, it will be permanently deleted. The City of Toronto is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the City of Toronto Protection of Privacy Policy.

The Solid Waste vehicle camera pilot will take place in District 3 and District 4, for daytime collection east of Yonge Street. Pilots will begin December 2018/January 2019.


Residents will be notified of cameras through:

  • Signage on City of Toronto Solid Waste vehicles
  • City of Toronto website (
  • Utility Bill brochure (January 2019)