The Left-Turn Calming Pilot is a program that aims to proactively reduce the risk of left-turn collisions at signalized intersections. It is one of the several measures in the City’s Vision Zero toolbox that are intended to eliminate traffic-related injuries and fatalities.

Left-turn and right-turn collisions at signalized intersections are the second most prevalent type of killed or seriously injured collisions in Toronto, with left-turn collisions accounting for 18 per cent of serious injuries and fatalities among people walking and 8 per cent of serious injuries and fatalities among people cycling.

High-speed left turns are particularly an issue at wide suburban intersections where more speed can be picked up as a driver is completing a left turn at a relatively wide radius. There is a large area of exposure for people walking or cycling, driver workload is high judging oncoming traffic in several lanes, in addition to “back pressure” from vehicles behind the turning vehicle. The blind spot caused by a vehicle’s A-pillar (the windshield frame to a driver’s left) compounds the problem.

The Left-Turn Calming Pilot will see rubber speed bumps installed at eight initial intersections throughout the City to encourage safer turning behaviour. These simple infrastructure additions will “harden” the centerline and encourage drivers to approach the crosswalk at a sharper angle instead of cutting across intersections diagonally, resulting in slower turning speeds and better visibility of people walking and cycling.

These measures are proven to be effective. In New York City, left-turn calming treatments decreased left-turn speeds by 10–20 per cent and reduced injuries among people walking by 20 per cent at more than 300 locations. Similar treatments in Washington D.C. resulted in 70 per cent reduction in conflicts and 10 per cent reduction in left-turn speeds at 85 locations.

In Toronto, left-turn calming treatments will be initially piloted at eight locations starting in mid-May. Locations are selected based on collision history, collision severity and findings of past in-service safety reviews.

The initial eight locations are:

  • Eglinton Avenue East and Brimley Road (Scarborough Centre);
  • Finch Avenue East and Sandhurst Circle, east intersection (Scarborough North);
  • Sheppard Avenue East and Kennedy Road (Scarborough-Agincourt);
  • Victoria Park Avenue and Sheppard Avenue East (Scarborough-Agincourt);
  • Victoria Park Avenue and Lawrence Avenue East (Scarborough Centre);
  • Lawrence Avenue East and Curlew Drive (Don Valley East);
  • Don Mills Road and Steeles Ave East (Don Valley North); and
  • Mount Pleasant Road and Merton Street (Don Valley West).