Yellow and Black sign with a man walking that reads senior safety zone, drive slowly.

Senior Safety Zones feature:

  • New senior safety signs;
  • Enhanced pavement markings; and
  • Extended traffic signal walk times.

Further work will include detailed engineering reviews to consider additional safety measures that could include reduced crossing distances and traffic calming measures.

Image of a white, black and yellow sign, with two people walking that reads, school safety zone, drive slowly.

School Safety Zones feature:

  • New school zone safety signs with flashing beacons;
  • School zone pavement stencils;
  • “Watch your speed” driver feedback signs; and
  • Zebra markings at school crosswalks.

In addition, City staff will be extending the coverage of enhanced pavement markings up to 150 metres away from school buildings to help encourage active transportation to school, which includes walking or biking.

Pedestrian Safety Corridors feature:

  • Speed limit reductions;
  • Signal timing adjustments;
  • Enhanced pedestrian crosswalk markings (zebra markings); and
  • Engineering improvements.


Image of a white and black sign reading, community safety zone, fines increased.

A Community Safety Zone (CSZ) is a designated stretch of roadway, recognized under provincial legislation, marked with community safety zone signs allowing the doubling of fines associated with speeding and, through the applicable sections of Bill 65, Safer School Zones Act, 2017 Opens in new window, the use of an automated speed enforcement system.