Please expect delays in processing applications for new school crossing guard locations because of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on traffic and child pedestrian volumes. Data collection and analysis will resume once traffic and pedestrian volumes get closer to their historical, pre-COVID values.

The largest of its kind in Canada, the City’s School Crossing Guards program provides an important service for families in Toronto. School crossing guards help children safely cross the street and remind drivers of the presence of pedestrians at key intersections. The program was formerly operated by the Toronto Police Service before it was transferred to the City of Toronto in the spring of 2019.

The City delivers school crossing guard services through two contracted vendors:

  • A.S.P., which serves the North York and Etobicoke York wards.
  • Carraway, which serves the Toronto & East York and Scarborough wards.

There is currently a total of 741 school crossing guards at 736 locations for the 2020-2021 school season.

Please Note: School crossing guard service may not be provided under extenuating circumstances and extreme weather conditions

View Current Locations

You can view the map of all school crossing guard locations or view the complete list.

Last Updated: November 2020

Requesting a New Location

Please use this online form to request new locations for school crossing guard services.

In addition to the online form, the City requires an email from the school principal to be sent to, to confirm that they endorse the requested location. The City also requires an email from the Ward Councillor (to be sent to the same email address), to confirm that they support for the City to undertake a school crossing guard warrant analysis for the requested location. Only complete forms with supporting emails from the school principal and Ward Councillor will be processed.

Submitted complete forms will be subject to the following timelines:

Submission Deadline Data Collection Months Analyze the Data Notification of Results Council Approval Provision of Service*
January 31 Spring










July 31 Fall










*Provision of service is dependent on budget approval/availability of funding and is a minimum of 12 months after the submission deadline.

Criteria for new locations

The City has a warrant system in place to determine whether a request for a new school crossing guard is justified.

  1. The requested location must be on a roadway with a speed limit less than 60 km/h.
  2. The requested location must be at an existing controlled pedestrian crossing, such as a traffic signal, all-way stop, minor stop, pedestrian crossover or school crossing.
  3. The associated school must have an age range between Junior Kindergarten and Grade 5.
  4. The requested location must be in proximity to the associated school.
  5. The City utilizes field traffic volume and child pedestrian volume data to undertake an analysis using an industry accepted methodology developed by the Ontario Traffic Council (2017 OTC School Crossing Guard Guide).

School crossing guards are hired by the vendors and are not employees of the City of Toronto. New crossing guard applicants should contact the vendor serving the ward at which they would like to work:


A.S.P. serves the following wards in North York and Etobicoke York:

  • 1, Etobicoke North
  • 2, Etobicoke Centre
  • 3, Etobicoke-Lakeshore
  • 5, York South-Weston
  • 6, York Centre
  • 7, Humber River-Black Creek
  • 8, Eglinton-Lawrence
  • 15, Don Valley West
  • 16, Don Valley East
  • 17, Don Valley North
  • 18, Willowdale

The company can be reached directly at 647-638-4315.


Carraway serves the following wards in Toronto & East York and Scarborough:

  • 4, Parkdale-High Park
  • 9, Davenport
  • 10, Spadina-Fort York
  • 11, University-Rosedale
  • 12, Toronto-St. Paul’s
  • 13, Toronto Centre
  • 14, Toronto-Danforth
  • 19, Beaches-East York
  • 20, Scarborough Southwest
  • 21, Scarborough Centre
  • 22, Scarborough-Agincourt
  • 23, Scarborough North
  • 24, Scarborough-Guildwood
  • 25, Scarborough-Rouge Park

The company can be reached directly at 416-860-6687. Applicants can also apply online at

Please call 311 or send an email to to report an issue with a current school crossing guard. For other questions or concerns, please contact