You can help slow down vehicles in your neighbourhood with these large signs showing motorists the speed their vehicles are traveling and encouraging them to slow down.

The City’s portable units are rotated throughout each ward on a monthly basis throughout the year. You can suggest a location by requesting a sign using the online form at the top of this page or through your local Councillor’s office. Local Councillors, the City’s Transportation Services staff and the Toronto Police Service also issue requests for these signs. The equipment is for information purposes only and does not issue speeding tickets.

To request Mobile WYSP for your street, complete and submit the online form.

The Mobile WYSP uses devices called speed display signs or driver feedback signs which contain a radar device and an LED display. These signs are installed against an existing hydro pole or streetlight and no longer require the space of trailers previously used for installations. The radar measures the speeds of oncoming vehicles and the LED sign displays their speeds to the passing motorists, thereby reminding them to check their speeds and to obey speed limits.

The signs can be placed on any street with no more than two lanes of traffic in each direction. Each location must be examined and meet a set of criteria to ensure safety and effectiveness before being scheduled for Mobile WYSP.

Signs will be placed for 2-3 weeks in each location.

The personal information you are asked to provide is collected under the authority of the City of Toronto Act, 2006, s. 136©. The information is used by District Traffic Operations and Watch Your Speed Program staff of the Transportation Services Division to contact you to advise you of the eligibility of your requested location for the Watch Your Speed Program. Questions about this collection can be directed to