Map showing the boundary of Ward 6, one of the City of Toronto's 25 municipal wards effective December 1, 2018. For assistance with the content of this map, please email or call 416-392-8343.

Ward 6 Councillor Office

2016 Census Profile

Ward 6 Profile – 2016 Census

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A road classification system designates streets into different groups or classes according to the type of service each group is intended to provide. This is a fundamental tool for urban development and road management. Grouping roads with similar functions can improve transportation planning, road infrastructure design, maintenance, traffic and road operations.

Every street owned by the City of Toronto has been given one of five classifications (with the exception of public laneways).

Ward 6 Map

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Toronto Water Construction during COVID-19

Sewer Rehabilitation

If you would like more information about this construction in your neighbourhood, please visit T.O. INview.

Within the Feature Filter:

  1. Select the 2020 “Construction Year”
  2. Select “Toronto Water” on the “Program” list
  3. Select “Apply”

Then, in the top left search bar:

  1. Search by street name

If you need more information, please call 311.

Other Construction Notices by Street

All construction notices below are organized by street name. The list does not include the Toronto Water construction work listed above:

Almington Street (from Laurelcrest Avenue to Invermay Avenue) Watermain Cleaning and Relining

Antibes Drive Road Resurfacing

Arlstan Drive Road Reconstruction and Sidewalk Construction

Appletree Court Watermain Replacement

Basement Flooding Protection Program – Bathurst Manor Sanitary and Storm Sewer Upgrades, Watermain Replacement and Local Road Resurfacing

Basement Flooding Protection Program – Jane Street, Sheppard Avenue West and Local Roads Sanitary, Storm Sewer Replacements and Watermain Upgrades

Basement Flooding Protection Program – Nash Drive, Gade Drive and Other Local Roads Sanitary and Storm Sewer Upgrades, Watermain Replacement and Local Road Resurfacing

Brightwood Street, Cadillac Avenue and Luverne Avenue Watermain Replacement

Broadoaks Drive (from Keele Street to Hucknall Road) Watermain Replacement

Buckland Road (from Giltspur Drive to Street Limits) Watermain Replacement

Denmark Crescent Road Resurfacing

Downsview Avenue Bridge (over Black Creek) and Gordon MacKay Road Bridge (over Black Creek) Rehabilitation

Dufferin Street (from Finch Avenue West to Steeles Avenue West) Watermain Replacement

Fawnhaven Court Road Resurfacing

G. Ross Lord Park Emergency Sanitary Sewer Repair

Gilley Road (from Garratt Boulevard to Keswick Road) Watermain Replacement

Hove Street (between Waterloo Avenue and Maxwell Street) Temporary Road Closure

Keele Street (between Grand Ravine Drive and Yore Road) Soil Sampling

Kingsbridge Court (from Bathurst Street to the West Limit) Watermain Replacement

Maxwell Street (from Blue Forest Drive to Hove Street) Road Resurfacing and Sidewalk Construction

Murray Ross Parkway and Sentinel Road Soil Sampling

Robbie Avenue (40m West of Graymar Avenue) Storm Sewer Replacement

Russfax Drive (from Torresdale Avenue to Fisherville Road) Watermain Replacement

Sandringham Drive Storm Sewer Installation and Road Reconstruction

Sharpecroft Boulevard (from 37 Metres South Of Grandravine Drive to 242 Metres South Of Dovehouse Avenue) Watermain Replacement

Sheppard Avenue West Culvert (over Black Creek) Replacement

Streamdale Court (from Sentinel Road to Street Limit) Watermain Replacement

Tavistock Road (from Exbury Road to Keele Street) Road Resurfacing

Torresdale Avenue Road Resurfacing

Vanley Crescent (from Chesswood Drive to Chesswood Drive) Watermain Replacement

Various Watermain Flow Meter Chamber Upgrades Across the City

Virgilwood Drive (from Finch Avenue West to Ailsa Craig Court) Watermain Replacement

Waterloo Avenue (between Hove Street and Maxwell Street) Temporary Road Closure

Wells Hill Avenue Sanitary Sewer, Watermain Replacement, Road Reconstruction and Sidewalk Installation

Whitburn Crescent (from Keele Street to Blaydon Avenue) Watermain Replacement and Reconstruction

Wright Avenue (between Jane Street and Pine Street) Temporary Road Closure

The City of Toronto ensures that tenants live in safe, well-maintained buildings through RentSafeTO, a bylaw enforcement program. Building owners must comply with the bylaws within the program or face financial penalties.

The information in this report states the results from scheduled apartment building audits conducted by Municipal Licensing & Standards bylaw officers.

RentSafeTO Ward 6 Audit Report