An easement is a “right of use” of someone else’s property by another party for a specific purpose. Toronto Water usually acquires property easements for the operation and maintenance of sewer and water infrastructure to provide safe and reliable water services.

Each easement agreement differs, but they generally prohibit any activity that will hinder the ability of City staff to access, operate and maintain the infrastructure within the easement, or any activity that may structurally damage the infrastructure. Permanent structures such as buildings, garages, retaining walls and trees are usually not permitted within easements lands, unless stated otherwise in the agreement.

To find out if there is an easement on your property, visit the provincial government’s Land Registry Office.

Only in unique cases are encroachments permitted. The process of reviewing, approving and registering an encroachment agreement can be long and expensive for the applicant.

Steps to Request an Encroachment into a Toronto Water Easement