The following safety guidelines and protocols apply to all location filming that takes place in the city of Toronto and supplement or supersede the filming guidelines below where applicable.

Safety Guidelines for the Film and Television Industry in Toronto

Location Filming Guideline Revisions

  • Productions must use the Film Office’s new letter of notification template, which includes website links for detailed safety information.
  • In response to COVID-19, the Toronto Film Office has revised the signature of approval /objection solicitation process to limit the physical interactions between film crews and residents as much as possible. Productions will no longer canvas door-to-door and will letter required residents with a release form indicating their filming plans and requested exemption. Residents will then be asked to object by phone or email. If the majority of residents do not object to the requested exemption(s), the film permit will be issued.

Film Office Response

  • The Film Office is working closely with Business Improvement Areas across the city to minimize further disruption to local businesses. Some parking restrictions may apply when filming in BIAs, please contact the Film Office for more information.
  • Site meetings will be done remotely when possible.
  • Visits to the Film Office are no longer required; we have digitized our red cards and permits and they are now sent by email.
  • Productions will be expected to pay for permits and security deposits by credit card over the phone.
  • Productions will be encouraged to film on civic squares or in municipal buildings during off-peak hours with essential cast and crew only. Filming details must be reviewed and approved by the Film Office, and extra advanced notice will be required.