The Film and Television Industry is a unique business. It also presents unique and unusual occupational health and safety hazards to its workers.

Representatives from the film industry and the Ontario Ministry of Labour formed the Ontario Film and Television Safety Committee in 1998.

The Safety Committee has developed guidelines for everyone in the film and television field. They aim to educate every worker, in all disciplines, at all levels, in the value of hazard recognition and safe working practices.

Education is the foundation of any health and safety program, with knowledgeable performers, support staff, and management working together. The more workers and management know, the more effectively they can identify specific needs and issues before those issues become problems.

All production companies should obtain a copy of this booklet for reference prior to the commencement of production.

The guidelines can be downloaded from the Ministry of LabourĀ website. A hardcopy of this publication can be ordered online atĀ