The City of Toronto is redesigning Sumach-Shuter Parkette to better serve the local community. Our goal is to make park improvements to enhance local recreation and leisure opportunities while maintaining the green character of the park and protecting existing trees to the greatest extent possible. In addition to improvements at Sumach-Shuter Parkette, the project includes improved lighting and surfacing at the nearby Orphan’s Green off-leash area (51 Power St.).

Project Timeline

  • March 2019: Community engagement (open house)
  • February to July 2021: Community engagement (online survey)
  • Early 2022: Construction starts

The timeline is subject to change.

The initiative for proposed park improvement to Sumach-Shuter Parkette was a result of the Corktown Parks Master Plan that was prepared from 2014 to 2015. The Master Plan’s purpose was to develop a holistic approach to park rehabilitation, taking into account changing demographics in the neighbourhood, increased population density and changing recreational tendencies.

May 2021

Project Next Steps

In February 2021, the City conducted an online survey to obtain feedback from community members to inform the improvements Sumach-Shuter Parkette. Survey participants were given the opportunity to review the refined concept design and share their thoughts on the proposed dog off-leash area (OLA) opportunities within the park. The survey was available to complete online from February 12 to March 5, 2021, and received a total of 830 survey responses.

The survey results have been reviewed and summarized, and there is majority support for an OLA in the parkette.

There was no consensus on a preferred location/option for the OLA facility within the park. There are a number of issues and concerns that need to be considered for the design and management of the park with respect to the introduction of an OLA:

  • Potential over programming:
    Are we trying to introduce too many facilities or activities within the park? How will the resultant design impact the size of facilities, and would this compromise the functionality and usage of facilities?
  • Impact on adjacent residences:
    How do we minimize noise impact and privacy concerns for adjacent residents? A high level of sanitation and odour abatement will be necessary.
  • Safety and surveillance:
    How do we mitigate potential conflicts with other park activities and between park users? How do we upgrade the perception of personal safety within the park? How do we improve surveillance into the park from the street?
  • Maintaining the green character of the park:
    Will the mix, size, and concentration of facilities adversely impact the green character of the park?  Will this result in more trees and areas of lawn being removed?
  • Park management:
    How will the design address maintenance and management requirements? Will additional maintenance efforts and costs be required on an annual basis? In keeping with current policy, a dog owners’ association must be established.

The development of the park design will take into consideration the issues described above and the detailed responses collected in the survey.

The updated concept design is anticipated to be complete by the end of June.  A virtual public meeting will take place to discuss the survey feedback in more detail and review the revised concept design. Details on how to participate will be shared on this web page.

March 2021


In response to community feedback, Councillor Wong-Tam requested that the City seek additional feedback from the public on the idea of including a dog off-leash area in the park. An online survey was available to complete from February 12 to March 5, 2021, to share feedback on the park design and off-leash area opportunities in the park.

Download the survey results.

March 2019

Public Open House

At a public open house in March 2019, the community shared their feedback on preliminary concept design options to improve Sumach-Shuter Parkette.

Download the public open house summary.

Concept options:

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Park improvements to Sumach Shuter, proposed in the initial concepts, included:

  • playground improvements
  • a new splash pad to replace the wading pool
  • improved park walkways
  • new furniture
  • improved park lighting
  • tree planting
  • turf improvements

The comments received from the open house are being considered in the development of the preferred concept design for the park. The preferred concept will be posted online for comment from the community.

Virtual Public Meeting

July 2021

Learn more about the updated park design concept and share your thoughts and ideas for the future OLA at a virtual public meeting. The meeting details and information on how to participate will be shared here closer to the meeting date.